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Last blog post: October 14th, 2019

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Wherever I am, I'm home.  The path is the home for a seeker 
The view from my porch
Celebrating my 66th


This is my personal and professional website since 1996

Psychologist by education, psychotherapist by practice, over the last 15 years I became wisdom student and a teacher.
Not the one who teaches dogma but the one who inspires to seek.
We all know we live in the world of dualities.
We have world that dies and the world that doesn’t.
The well spread saying: “nothing is forever” is true only in the material world, beyond that is not true anymore!
The word forever came from an understanding that there are some things forever.
Like timeless, authentic, forever you.
My work is to show how to recognize the authentic you, and keep it as the operator
and the most obvious presence in your daily life.
The things that are not forever are obvious, you body, brain included.
Both are operated by set of programs that enable you to function as a member of society that needs to survive and expand.
The programs that run your body and brain are called ego.
 They are uploaded and constantly updated by direct interaction with the messages carried by others,
and indirectly by being permanently connected with a non-local storage of information called morphic field,
created collectively, globally and locally by humanity to increase probability and quality of survival.
Why is non-local? Because we can access it only intuitively when we have
an attentive,open and clear mind.
I can do it every time of heightened attention for convenience of a telepathic connection.

What I like in my work when I guide people through unsorted thoughts and confused minds to clarity; which I can access
this non-local interaction of information field as needed. Not at will, but when it is necessary to know.
The will to help with integrous, honest intentions provides the access.
The increasing amount of data and the complexity of information created a monstrous ego systems to which a human born today
receives a download access,from the first neuron with endless upgrades throughout life. Some parts of the ego are downloaded and stay
in memory of experiences, skills data,established beliefs and values, information about events, places, people, things.
The rest is just "there" stored non-locally ready for the downloads.

Evolution of social structures in the last two centuries due to expanding population, expanding innovations, expanding production
and services, resulted in a staggering amount of programs created to operate growing complexity of technologized daily life.

Human collective ego also stores data through media and internet offered locally with unprecedented ease of access, in overwhelming amounts.
With an increasing population the mass of produced goods, work places that are producing, selling, servicing became a maze of information
that requires a modern human to be familiar with, to some degree if needs to be part of any society.
A knowledge of rules set by governmental institutions, social organizations, sports and entertainment industry, carries staggering
amount of information that one has to be familiar with, especially in urban setting.
Complexity of all produced information and sheer amount of it, without a discipline can take and waste life of an unaware human.

My work is to guide the operator of this system, called body/brain to become in charge of own data system.
When the programs run person’s life, the life becomes random and illogical.
When you are in charge of your programs, thoughts, emotions, attention, actions, the life within you becomes as you want it.

My work is to show how to recognize the authentic you, and keep it as the operator and the most obvious presence in your daily life.
Me and my all grown up children Paula, Rosa, and Ariel

 Costa Rica Christmas 2016


Spirituality is seeking an understanding; Religions is believing and trusting it's true.


Religion is like a music that you listen time to time (going to place of worship), or perhaps you became a lover of specific music
and listen to it every day (praying every day).
Some of you will even learn to play a musical instrument and play a music created by others (becoming a religious leader).
Religion is based on beliefs written in a scripture, interpreted by workers for the religious organization.
You are listening or playing piano of other composers music.
Religion has answers if you are fine with someone else’s story.
If you do not have questions and you do not need to know the answers by life experience, if it’s all
you need that someone else tells you about one who experienced it, then a religion is your good choice.
After all, you can not experience everything, like you do not hit every key on the piano to play music.
Spirituality is a music that you compose for yourself (seeking own answers through experiences) and might play for others when asked.
You chose your keys, you chose your experiences, that’s how you create music and that’s how you create life.
Even great composers played other composers music. We draw from experiences of others,
that’s why we like the stories, but they do not change our condition.
Only your walk will change your heart’s strength, even though it beats faster when you listen to a great story!
If you are not only playing other composers music, but you make your own music, you are the one with questions,
and you will find your answers.




First rain in 2017

April 25 - the first rain in Playa Panama, guanacaste in 2017- good time for a swim!

Yaga Bialski PhD, Director and Founder of The Retreat And Rise Foundation

The Retreat N’ Rise Foundation was created to share my knowledge that some turned to wisdom, when it became my experience. When you need a guide to gather a courage, create a healing, find your life's true self-expression or simply get out the traps in the ego world, but you have no strength to open the door and get out. Come. You will find the way out, and the joy to walk your walk. Being a human needs to pay-off!


Morning on Papagayo Bay