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Last blog post: April 17, 2018

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Wherever I am, I'm home. Home is the path of a seeker.
Oct. 15, 2017 I am 66


He asked: "Aren't you afraid to travel the world alone?"

I said: "I am the world alone."


Sam and I


The purpose of the Retreat N’ Rise Foundation is:

a) to provide meeting places for creative people around the world.

b) to provide all inclusive retreats for groups and individuals searching for the flow of self-expression.

c) to provide all inclusive retreats for groups and individuals trapped in the ego world, with no strength

to open the door and get out. We will guide you to find the way out and strength to walk the walk.


Being a human needs to pay-off!






In any one of our retreats in Costa Rica is your chance to be asked and to find your answers !

Created by The Retreat N’ Rise Foundation


sunset never gets lame

  April 25 - the first rain in Playa Panama, guanacaste in 2017- good time for a swim!

First rain in 2017


 Did anyone teach you that feelings are not emotions?

So important!

Feelings are the states of the timeless mind - the awareness of own being and all what comes from it:

1. feeling the truth in all contexts

2. knowing the law of the universe.

3. feeling love (not falling in love)

4. feeling interested (not anxious)

5. intuiting —intentions of the living beings

6. feeling own and other beings presence

7. feeling the brightness of light in others

8. connection with others, people, animals, plants, telepathy

Feelings at times feel as if they would be outside of the body, where the body is peaceful, unusually peaceful.


2 m. long, male Iguana

Click here to see on the map of Costa Rica where I am; between Villa Las Brisas and Casa del Sol Poniente in the house with a blue roof...

Yaga Bialski PhD, Director and Founder of The Retreat And Rise Foundation

Help us to build our center. The long term plan is to create a permanent retreat place, where learning of the unfading care, reverence, love and all other goodness of this life will be cultivated.