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Click here to see on the map of Costa Rica where I am; between Villa Las Brisas and Casa del Sol Poniente in the house with a blue roof...


The Retreat N’ Rise Foundation

 Retreat N’ Rise Foundation is a unique, non-profit organization,

providing retreats for artists, scientists, and all creative seekers. 

Purpose of the retreats is to offer a guidance and support to unfunded,

creative people of all ages from around the globe.

When they need to strengthen their voice of inspiration,

increase motivation, or unblock their creative flow they can come for our fully,

or partially paid by the foundation retreat, and return to their work

with recharged energy and a new purpose. 

Artists often need an aware witness to clarify their insight,

an educated healer to encourage their self-healing,

or a wise presence of another to find a new direction. 

This is the main reason for creating our Foundation.

Another reason is to utilize a unique set of my skills,

where my education in fine art and psychology,

the experiences in and outside of my 40 years of psychotherapy practice

of assisting people in their creative evolution, come together.

My teachings are rooted in love and wisdom granting me a strong and open presence.

They are based on experiences of guiding others, self-examination,

and continuous education giving me a solid awareness in the world of instability,

which in itself is a rarity.

The European upbringing, combined with pursuing an education in art,

marked the importance of artistic expression in raising my children;

now all three are successful writers, musicians, and performers. 

Creative people often question the point of their work, especially

when external and immediate rewards are missing. 

At that time, they search for a view from a greater perspective,

where the purpose of their work becomes clear,

because it fits in the big picture of social and personal meaningfulness.

That’s why this work is so needed, and yet,

most of the creative people are underpaid and have no funds to come for a retreat. 

With the arts and creativity being nearly eradicated from school programs

in North America and the many other parts of the world,

it is essential now to invest in the most human expression – creativity.

Without creativity, we are not humans.

Most of the time in learning institutions and workplaces creativity

is not reinforced, supported and expected.

People see repetitiveness, insignificance, pointlessness, and they turn to

prescription or street drugs to muffle self-depreciative and self-destructive hopeless mind. 

The purpose of the Retreat N’ Rise Foundation is to provide financial support for creative people around the world. 

 We will start from providing paid retreats for them.

Next will be residency, co-creative projects, designing and implementing changes of the envirentment

based on integrity, beauty, creation. Instead of irreverence, ugliness and manipulation.  


Please contact me directly, with any inquiries.


Thank you

Yaga Bialski, PhD, Director and Founder





 April 25 - the first rain in Playa Panama, guanacaste in 2017- good time for a swim!

First rain in 2017

Swimming every day, rain or... sunset

sunset never gets lame

Help us to build our Foundation

With your donation we will create a retreat place that will radiate the intention of contribution, care, reverence, love and all goodness of this life-experience.

With your donation of $1500 or more you will receive a yearly invitation for a retreat of your choice.

Eventually all donors will have a free accommodation in the center with a contribution of few hours of work a week.