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Please keep in mind that English is my fourth language and I am not attempting to write here a piece of literary art,
but to give you a summation of knowledge as quickly as it comes to me, although I have been sitting on some of the words
written here for many years. The time came to set aside the language handicap and speak my mind.

October 14th, 2019

Being an asshole 
If you are ever accused of being an asshole, you need to know if you are a compulsory asshole or an elective one.
The difference is the same as it is between a university compulsory course or an elective course.
If you are, per chance, not familiar with the system, a compulsory course gives you no choice, you have to take it to graduate.
An elective comes with a choice.
The same here. If you are a compulsory asshole you have no choice. One can say: “We always have a choice, that’s a human birthright!”
Not in this aspect.
And there are two main reasons for it:
1. Compulsory assholes is unaware to great degree that they are hurtful, mean, abusive.
If they are not stopped by their first few victim’s reaction, they will not learn even if they are told many times.
Awareness in this sense is to know the value of others, the value of life, not only human, all life,
and the value of the connection with all beings on the level of giving and loving, not on the level of their usefulness. 
They can be greatly aware of their surroundings, only to scan how to benefit from it.
2. Their energetic requirement to stay charged is to plug to an arousal of others; the best in a fight, conflict with anger,
but also stirring a desire, craving. We call them “shit disturbers” or “sex addicts”, but it means way more than that.
 It means that their involvement with others is based on receiving an energy, when others are in a state of high discharge. 
For people like that a tranquility, acceptance, distance, solidity of others, are states that deflates them.  
They can not use them when others are unflappable.  
They are compulsory assholes and they will not sign for a course to change it. A compulsory asshole can not stop to be one,
and really enjoys being an asshole.
Elective assholes are really a great bread in humanity. I am fond of them because I am the one.
They chose to be an asshole on occasion, but they really don’t have to, and they do not enjoy it.
They just know the need for the job, somebody’s ego needs to be put in place, and they can have it done.
Elective assholes are not abusive. They do not cross the line when their freedom ends and someone else's begins.
Their job is only not let other’s to do that to them, nor to those in their care or sight.
If you can not be an elective asshole, when you need to stop your children from using you (only for their ego benefit)
because they won’t like you, you can not be an effective parent. You can not be well rounded, effective therapist neither.
So learn to be firm, speak your truth when you know it works, make no apologies for being tough,
but never cross the line when you are an elective asshole and a compulsory one.
Never let your dog off the leash.
July 29th, 2019

Without clarity of your mind your life will be accidental.
To know your life you need the knowledge from the outside and the knowledge of your own insights.
The outside knowledge needs to purified, like the water you drink.
Otherwise you can become infected with the beliefs that “ain’t so” and the insights will be dismissed or overwritten.
You will lead life of confusion, perhaps distraction, and more importantly waste.
To purify the knowledge you receive is a huge challenge in the world of information.
The soap boxes are sold in Costco and most people want one.
Whenever you open social media people are standing on their soap box and shout their truth.
Yes, we all speak, to the best of our knowledge, the truth (with small exceptions), but the clarity of most people’s knowledge is very poor.
Their water of knowledge is undrinkable. It needs to be purified, in order to be healthy for your mind.
Otherwise it can infect you, like a sewer water.
It hurts me to think about it.

June 4th, 2019


Don't fool yourself

We live by our design, in limited parameters of knowing of learning / teaching dimensions
and we only discover pieces of knowledge relevant to our learning assignment.
What we can discover is an earned degree, and we can share it with those who are in the lower grades
in school of life. Claiming that one knows all you need to know is a trap of darkness that either
the claimant walked unaware into, and is now stuck addicted to the pay-offs,
or a dark-one sets it up to lure and trap followers. In my experience usually is the former.
Claiming that one knows all they need to know is a personal choice between sitting and walking.
There are also no rides on our evolutionary paths.
Those who take drugs to access an insight, take the bodily experiences,
together with their altered mind’s distorted interpretation as a visionary insight.
It might be that the hallucinogenic trip becomes a life changing experience,
when one illusion replaces another, with the second one looking better.
Authentic you is not going to be guide of your thoughts and actions
if your body-computer was tampered with.
May 30th, 2019


We do not need a hug, we need to be touched by life

People created an idea that we all need a hug and go around giving hugs
as if that would be a great gift.
We do not need a hug, we need to be touched by life.
And the deeper the better.
To be touched by beauty, goodness and truth is way more beneficial to
your 80 trillions of citizens (cells of your body),
than being touched by another person. Yes you are life, and your
touch can be strengthening, only if you carry
a greater clarity of energy than the person you are giving hug to.  
When you are truthful with yourself, examine your life diligently,
feel loving towards all life, and willing to connect with life in front of you,
by giving your time and energy as it calls for - you transmit clear, strengthening energy.
Don’t leave it till tomorrow, look in your mind and give it a wash.
November 18th, 2018


If you are pursuing happiness, you got duped 

If you are pursuing happiness, you got duped.
Happiness is not to be expanded or pursued. It is built-in dimension of experiencing life as a timeless you, authentic identity.
There are five dimensions in that experience.
1. Awareness
2. Oneness
3. Presence
4. Knowingness
5. Feelings
1. Awareness is witnessing everything from the view of one self without placing a value or taking
a position for or against the witnessed object or event.
2. Oneness is the state of witnessing everything, while the view of one self becomes blended with
the observed object and boundaries of self expand to all.
3. Presence is a state of undeniable being.
4. Knowingness is an instantaneous answer to all what the mind takes interest in.
There are not even questions, only answers pouring in with the focus.
5. Feelings is a presence of variety of states, like: joy, bliss, love, happiness, care;  
that appear in every cell instantaneously, generating energy
and increasing sense of health and vitality.
October 25th, 2018


We have more experiences, are they meaningful?

We are all getting older, and one day we will all complete this life?
When you look at your life honestly, without lying, omitting, looking the other way, when you will be dying, did you live
with a sense of fulfillment, accomplishment, purpose?
Did you deliver your gifts to others? Did you use it for your own joy?
Or you lived like everybody else, doing and having, not truly being?
Were you aware of the questions I am asking here?
Did you make an effort to ask yourself and were you patient and persistent enough to get some answers?
Did you live from the consciousness you came here with and the consciousness of others you connected with?
Or you went for the life as others, without any hesitation, filing up the space between lines of your coloring book,
never creating an original painting?
What if the information you lived by were not true and you affected others by imposing on them all the lies?
We all have more knowledge, but is it life changing?
Or it is just bunch of data, half true, mixed with messages of survival, control and trivia?
We all gain more experiences, but are they meaningful?
Or it is just repetitive pleasure and avoidance of fear and pain?
What did you learn about life within you that is certain?
Or you have no certainty about any of your topics, but you still imposing and impacting others with your beliefs as if you were an expert?
If this world needs to be improved, and it does, it is your world that needs to become honest.
I do not know and I am going to hold my questions, one at the time, waiting for the answer until the answer will come.
This is the essential position one needs to assume to be an asset to human evolution.

August 7th, 2018


Pride and Joy (mixing shit with honey)

Someone posted a video of a horse, freely running around an arena.
The note under the posting was: “My pride and joy strutting his stuff at the Welsh Nationals.
Not bad for a 15 year old...”
The horse was beautiful and it was good to see the joy, but what about pride?
The expression “My pride and joy”  was probably invented by Sir Walter Scott in his poem Rokeby (1813),
where he described children as “a mother's pride, a father's joy.”
It is commonly used, I heard it many times but there is a problem.
Pride is a drain of human energy and it is in the closest level of ego trying to pass as authentic.
It takes a bit of effort to see it. 
I recently was attempting to explain to an American (US) friend that pride not only describes, but also creates a state
of mind that can exist only in a comparison with, and in the presence of others.
Pride can exist as a position towards others, mine is better, and I will make sure that you know it!
When there are nothing to compare with and no one listening to you tooting your horn, there is no pride.
His question in tone was pointing how absurd is my thinking: “...so one can not be proud of his own country?”
Well, if you are proud it is only in comparison to the countries that are not as great as yours in your opinion.
It means others more or less suck.
“No, they also can be proud.” Yes, if you remove from that pride “we are the greatest country on this planet”
they might have a chance, but, ups! Too late now. You are sold on believing in it and by saying it you are a part of
an expansion, invasion and domination. All not authentic.
If you are authentic you can not be proud of body, because you comparing yourself with other bodies and one day you will loose.
You can not be proud of your children, because you can not compare them with other children because that’s not cool at all.
You can not be proud of your country, because if you compare it with other countries... big time!
If you see yourself as a whole, undivided (individual), you know that there is only one in the world like you, so unless you take yourself
apart and start comparing the pieces with the parts of others, then you can take the energy and blow that horn.
And you can do it only because others do not know better.
So now they do. It is a lack of class to use the energy of others to give yourself an energetic boost.
The table below also shows where joy is positioned.   At the level of 200 you are just starting to be an asset to the universal energy.
Below 200 you do not generate energy to sustain your life, you are a drain.
Once in a while you will have a moment of any of states below 200, but I am talking about the stage of evolution,
where your average is above 200 and if it is around 400 you are rocking. Humanity right now is drained by masses
sitting way below 200 and pride would be the least of our problem, but still. I wanted you to know, because every opened mind counts.
  David R. Hawkins, 1995 Clarification Yaga Bialski









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Pure Consciousness



























































































Ego ends







































































































July 26, 2018


Culture of  inquiry


North American culture, based generally on British cultural conditioning normalizes a lack of interest in the life of another person

by propagating the idea that if you are asking a personal question it is equal to being inappropriately intrusive, even rude.

Living for 35 years in Canada I was asked countless times before any meaningful conversation “can I ask you a personal question?”,

or worse “I do not want to be personal” but…

Well, if you do not want to be personal you cannot have a conversation with me, because I am a person, so if you are a person,

we will be creating a personal conversation, rather than sniffing each other. I do not want to be sniffed, particularly by a human

and I do not want to have a conversation with Google. What’s left is you tell me about you, and take interest in me, and I will do the same.

I am sure you know that this act of a genuine interest in another human by carrying a personal conversation, has obvious benefits to a person,

and a society. I will just highlight that it opens a connection between people, which is the base for care in the time of need,

and for expressions of appreciationand celebrations in the time of plenty.

Conversely, reducing interest in personal life of another to an insignificant or worse, qualifying it as an inappropriate interaction between

people,has hugely negative reverberations. The least negative is gossiping, and reducing conversations to an exchange of trivia.

But not knowing directly from the person about his life, creates false ideas about the world of others, increases separateness,

and is one of the reasons for persistence of racism and discrimination in this region.

The idea of culture of inquiry was created by students requesting to be in charge of their course of studies, accordingly to their interest.

Being taught what is known and obvious became a waste of time for both, teachers and students. I am transcribing this idea

to all personal interactions. Let’s create universal culture of “be personal”, the culture of inquiry, where knowing the person means

you periodically have conversations that only you have with each other for the knowing more than a face.

July 17, 2018

With religion and spirituality is like with music.

Religion is like a music that you listen time to time, or perhaps you became a lover of specific music and listen to it every day.
Some of you will even learn to play a musical instrument and play a music created by others.
Religion is based on beliefs written in a scripture, interpreted by workers for the religious organization.
You are listening or playing piano of other composers' music.
Religion has answers if you are fine with someone else’s story.
If you do not have questions and you do not need to know the answers by life experience, if it’s all you need that someone
else tells you about one who experienced it, then a religion is your good choice.
After all, you can not experience everything, like you do not hit every key on the piano to play music.
Spirituality is a music that you compose for yourself and might play for others when asked.
You chose your keys, you chose your experiences, that’s how you create music and that’s how you create life.
Even great composers played other composers music. We draw from experiences of others, that’s why we like the stories,
but they do not change our condition.
Only your walk will change your heart’s strength, even though it beats faster when you listen to a great story!
If you are not only playing other composers music, but you make your own music, you are the one with questions
and you will find your answers.
To me there was only one choice.
I needed my own wisdom by knowing, not by believing.
After that there were choices of what questions are important to get answer by experience, because life is short.
And I had big questions. Most of them were answered, but few are still there.
That’s why two years ago, at 64, I drove my car from Ontario, Canada to Costa Rica.
6500km in 7 nights, 8 days, driving only in the daylight.
This was one answer that became obvious to others. Many witnesses, many observers.
You know how many people were impressed? No one and that’s how it is.
They will say they were, but did it change anything for them?
That’s why I know that someone else’s experience will not change your life.
You will be still afraid today as you were yesterday. You still will chose “I can’t” and go to church”.
You might wonder what was the question that in this trip I wanted to get the answer for?
It’s a good story...


June 21, 2018

Did anyone teach you that feelings are not emotions?

So important!

Feelings are the states of the timeless mind - the awareness of own being and all what comes from it:

1. feeling the truth in all contexts

2. knowing the law of the universe.

3. feeling love (not falling in love)

4. feeling interested (not anxious)

5. intuiting —intentions of the living beings

6. feeling own and other beings presence

7. feeling the brightness of light in others

8. connection with others, people, animals, plants, telepathy

Feelings at times feel as if they would be outside of the body, where the body is peaceful, unusually peaceful.


April 17, 2018




This is about two kinds of discipline; the first is directed to self, the second directed to others.

We learn self discipline because we experienced discipline directed by others to us.

Which is the second one, discipline directed to others, this time to us is a pattern for self-discipline.

What we encounter, we express.

The funnies videos are of toddlers giving orders to parents the same way as they heard from them.

It is funny because it is paradoxical.

They supposed to take it not dish it out! But it will take them all childhood to use the voice of discipline on self.

The voice has two forms, masculine and feminine. Feminine doesn't work.

That's why "wait 'till father gets home" became a synonym of discipline by punishment, because mothers of that time

were not supposed to carry a masculine form of ego, where an effective discipline comes from.

Now, I hope women understand that they have two voices of ego in them, masculine and feminine (and the authentic that has no gender at all).

It means that you can execute commands without a shred of femininity and dance like a girly-girl in the same evening.

Feminine ego can be soft in expressions, sweet, pleading, manipulative, emotional, pejorative... and as a disciplinarian is ineffective.

Masculine ego is hard, unyielding, direct, commanding, dominant, insistent... and it works.

Children and animals come with pre-downloaded programs that can take discipline gladly.

It will give them a lot of peace when their ego knows its place. However it needs to be put in place without affecting anyone's dignity.

I wrote about proper and necessary discipline for those who are taking care of dependents.

See: May 16, 2015  A child will be grateful

This piece is about sorting out your approach when you disciplining someone's program.

You need to find your masculine one and learn to execute commands with clarity, integrity and guilt free.

This means not pretending to be in charge of the whole being, just their functioning as a bunch of programs.

The programmer and operator needs to be acknowledged, respected, and left free and untouched. 




April 14, 2018


Did you ever think why we don't fall of the bed at night?


No? OK, it's just me.

When you were baby, you were put to sleep in a crib or a bed that had sides protecting you from falling-of.

Care givers of the people with diminished mental capacity do the same. Make sure that people don't fall-of their bed.

But when you have your wits about you, it is never considered to be a probability.

Why? You are asleep!

You supposed to be unconscious, unaware of surrounding.

Who keeps an eye on you asleep all night?

April 03, 2018

Dear Reader, Did you notice that man-made beauty became sloppy?

 Did you notice that man-made beauty is not too often beautiful? We accept it because others tell us it is art.

We look at this "art" afraid to say this is not art, this is not a creation! This is a manipulation!

Remember what we will look at, will step forward.

Just for a better view, out of kindness of the Universe.

It is easy to show the darkness, it is coming out uninvited, trying the art disguise.

Not so easy to bring beauty, depth of real, wise love, and the truth in every context.

But I am counting on you!!!!    


November 05, 2017

The Universe-mind has no wrong force. The Universe-body is full of wrong forces


The years of conversations and contemplations of sorting out lives, left me with a sizable

codex of outgrown truths. The learning what is true never ends. The old truths do not vanish.

As if navigated by a master of confusion, even though its context gets smaller and they lose relevance,

they look for the way back to human minds to gain power and grow bigger. What’s the point of that!?

The point is to TAKE. By the confusion and deception, minds of darkness, that have no direct access

to the source of energy – the light, give us the shove towards poring energy in the wrong force in the universe.

The Universe–mind has no wrong force. The Universe–body is full of wrong forces.  

Make sure that, while you are looking for truth, you don’t feed the darkness in you by following the thoughts

of darkness, or on others by speaking and lacing it with emotions. All emotions can be turn into feelings.

Read the next post. I will tell you how.

October 7, 2016

One year later


The move to living full time in Costa Rica brought an amazing and a creative year.

And what an eventful year it was! Full of repositioning, adjusting, scraping some plans and creating new ones.

The 64 -65th year of my life was one of the adventurous and challenging, yet positive and fruitful.

The idea, without much of premeditation, to live full time in a warm country, where you don't need much cloths

and the food is growing around you in the wild, was by far my best, when comes to comfort and ease of life.

I wanted to show everybody how easy and peaceful is to live here.

Unfortunately, my invitation extended to those who don’t have ease of creation and the support of the

Universe brought more liability than joy to my home.

From the freeloaders, expecting with no contribution to be hosted fed and served, to wanna-be boyfriends,

trying to have a ride to good life on my creation I learned again a lesson.

Again I crossed the line where goodness ends and stupidity begins.

The world of others that is either stagnant or evolving soooo very slowly has to left behind in my professional and private life. 

I can’t give anyone my courage, trust, ease of positioning self on the grid of creation, where there is a full support of the Universe.

All that is absolutely on our own merit.

When sharing, openness and speaking truth has no intention of an exchange, when it is based on giving and

accepting gifts of others without expecting it, the energy of the universe will feel supportive and loving.

It is not an easy road to walk, but it is worth it. 

Because I live in an attractive place for tourists to make sure that I am supporting the light I decided to limit my visitors

to my children, my very close friends and close friends of my children.

Now, how is it to live here? For me, with courage, trust, ease of creation and the support of the Universe, amazingly beautiful,

warm, healthy and simple.

Morning walks on the beach with the neighbor's dog Sam, who became part time my dog, work through Skype with only few students.

reflecting, contemplating... swimming in the pool and rarely in the ocean as it doesn’t feel that responsible to go for it alone, doing a bit of yoga,

eating good, local food and playing music. Time to time, chatting with locals and new friends and writing books for children and another one for adults.

More on creative thoughts tomorrow...

October 5, 2015

Delete button

Freedom in life basically consists: a) the knowing of voice that uses you as an another hard drive
willing to copy its narrow truths; b) learning how to delete it and deleting.
When you figure out this game designed to reduce you to a pawn, then you really change. Become free.
September 18, 2015

God gave a party

World accordingly to ego:

God gave a party
And no one came
God gave the understanding
And no one changed
God gave spirit
And no one cared
God gave love
But no one shared
God gave happiness
And everyone cried
God gave life
And everyone died.

World accordingly to Authentic you:

God gave a party
And everyone came!
God gave the understanding
For everyone to learn
God gave spirit
For everyone to care
God gave love
For everyone to share
God gave happiness
For everyone, a lot
God gave life
And you never forgot.

August 23, 2015
Facts; or bragging to the ego.

I have three children. I didn’t have a husband since they were 3, 2 years, and 2 months old, I still don't.

I worked, I still do.

I studied, I still do.

I moved twice countries of residence with my children.

Sold and bought houses.

I travelled mostly with my children and went for many events with them.

I had them in music, voice, dancing, swimming and drama, classes.

They played volleyball, basketball, went on school trips, including international, and had parties for 50 at our home.

They are now 33, 32, and 30.

Was it hard?

Maybe twice I broke down and cried.

The rest of the time we had a ball! My son was 12 when he asked me “Do you work?  You look like do nothing at all.”


Yes. Gratefulness and joy of life becomes your magic. Life becomes effortless and you look like you do nothing all.

No I didn’t have grannies or grandpas, nor any extended family to help. Some good neighbors helped time to time.

I was 95% on time, and if I wasn’t, it had to be a really high water.


Yes. Understanding life, time, energy and assuming 100% responsibility for everything in your life. becomes your magic. 

Every breath, every step, every minute is your job to account for. Than all becomes a flow.

I teach people for years how to figure out life and some learn, but most don’t. They must have signed for harder life...

or they have easier than I did, but they make it hard.

Which one you are? The one who learned or the one who makes it hard?

July 24, 2015
Emotions are not part of love.
The most important piece of wisdom about the difference between feelings and emotions I can offer you at this moment
(tomorrow another one might come) is… that in any emotional state you draw energy from the Universal Creative Mind – Light
and you give it to the Universal Destructive Mind - darkness.
You are becoming an energetic liability.
You cannot create, you cannot live in abundance, and you cannot be sovereign.
You are part of the collective mind of darkness, manipulated by the forces with no good intentions towards you, nor other beings of this Universe.
On the other hand in the state of feelings you generate energy. You are never liability – you are an asset. You are sovereign, you create,
you live in abundance, and you are untouchable by the darkness.
If you are on a spiritual path (wisdom, truth, love, goodness) you are setting yourself back when you get into a state of emotions, even for a brief time.
You will recognize that you shifted your assets from authentic to ego. Some transfer assets and spend them until they bankrupt and blame others
for pulling them into the darkness / emotional world. Nope, you are responsible for it all!
The most dangerous play with an emotional world is to create an energetic openness to an intimate partner, assuming that he/she is equally benign,
only to find out that they are attacking you emotionally. By being moody, critical, ridiculing you, condescending, deceitful, your partner,
using an open door to your energetic field - the love of equal, will begin draining your energy.
When you recognize that your partner is taking your energy you normally start a defense to stop that.
Every attempt to close the energetic door fails.
Angry you try to throw him/her out of your heart / love / energetic field, but soon you lose the anger, (emotions are short lived),
start forgiveness and she is back in your field.
And you keep struggling usually with huge loses of energy only to find out that you have no strength left, you become hopeless and broke.
Why because it is not true that you can outlive your love. You must learn that love doesn't mean relationship.
To love and yet give up on the idea of relationship is a hardest thing to do!
How many times I see the union based on love and hope, yet between unequal that inevitably ends with an energetic and usually
a financial bankruptcy of the one who loved and hoped.
Watch emotions. The one who lives in the drama of their emotional mind will drain the other dry.
How can you change the dynamism?
Telling them to stop seems hopeless, because the never do, maybe for a short time but not for good.
What to do?
Once you open your energy with the intention to love and create partnership it feels like goose is cocked!
So what is the solution?
Well, unplug your emotions. So hard to do! Yet, you invited this particular partner to learn exactly that!
Even if you are provoked many times a day, go to feelings of care, love, neutrality and understanding the pain of the spouse,
who is fighting his emotional demons.
Without the sparring partner on the emotional arena the world of emotions will be replaced by feelings of love and joy.
Let’s hope in this lifetime.



July 17, 2015
Love your body?
Concept of loving your body, as many concepts of social and personal positioning, is ridden with ego confusion.
1. Perceiving physical body as your main identity, by far the most important, or often the only identity.
Stemming from a materialistic view of life and Darwinian Theory of origin of humanity, which gave social power to pharmaceutical industry,
physicians and body care industry, perception of physical body as human identity is perhaps the most dispowering concept,
yet successfully sold to socially developed world.
Even though percentage of people who believe in a higher power ranges from 85% worldwide and 95% in North America, the lack of daily self-reflection
and simply “laziness of thought” pushes people towards following untruths and giving time and energy / life, to support the dark force of the Universe.
The same force that creates atrocities in one part of the world, will convince you to give up power over your life to your physician.
2. Treating your body as a separate identity.
Your body is not your pet, or your old car in a junkyard. Looking after your body is not a full time job, a chore that you resent,
nor is a responsibility you can take it or leave it. Your body is your co-creation to experience an access to life energy
and it is designed for an optimal opportunity to increase your presence of the timeless you forever. Beyond time.   
3. Taking care of your body as the only self-care.
There are many bodies of your being and we can generally split them into basic three:
Causal - timeless you, Authentic identity,
Subtle - energetic, field in and around you and
Gross – your physical body.
Looking only after your physical body will leave you inevitably disappointed, it will age and die or get sick, damaged and die.
Distribute your time and energy wisely in proportions Causal / Subtle / Gross to 50 / 25 / 25. Your life will become authentically fulfilling.

July 15, 2015
The love for another as a partner, although absolutely necessary, is not enough. What is also absolutely necessary,
although rarely taught and understood - it’s equality.
Love for your partner leading to commitment, differs from all other subjects and objects of our love and love based relationships,
because only your partner requires to be your equal.
You can love and have relationships with entities of all possible inequalities, including different species, but that’s not a partnership.
In a relationship of unequal somebody walks another out on their way home, and sooner or later they have to go back where they left their path
and start walking their walk. If you do it for a brief time it's fine, I do it for living, but if you do it on daily bases for a long time,
some even for a lifetime, you wasted your life on a co-dependency.
Similarities of interests, activities, cultural background, family of origin and other possible factors contributing  to your self-description
are secondary and do not guarantee the stability of the relationship.
When you have equality and love you have timeless base, all other factors and experiences are time-limited, transitory
and changeable during life time.
Now, what is the equality?
The equality is a “size” of your Authentic identity versus the size of your ego, similar and comparable with another person’s ratio.
Authentic identity is an Eye of God that is looking at your life from within you.
How often you see your life though this Eye (I), how large is your view and most importantly, how easy is for you to navigate
your life from this perspective, constitutes your size of light within you.
You can compare your Authentic identity, this Eye of God within you to a full moon, completely illuminated by the light of Sun
at the time of your birth, and the ego programs to a rotating and travelling Earth, that will inevitably cover some of your light,
through out your entire earthly life.
When you figure out how this happens in your life, you figured out life.
And now you can understand the purpose of every life.
We all suppose to make sure that our light not only stays untouched by the ego, but also becomes greater as we learn to generate love/light.
Only then we do not dim the light of others by coming close with our ego in intimate relationship of equals.
To see in self and then in others how much of each light is covered, and how much it left to shine – is your guide to equality.
How do you measure this? Every being on God’s Earth, including plants, animals, even a bacteria has a measuring stick. We all know what’s light,
what’s darkness, what’s supportive of life, benign, and what’s destructive, toxic.
When you meet people, look them in the eyes. Don’t wonder what they see when they look at you, don’t project your presence on the interaction,
just focus on what you see, hold the gaze and search in your mind for answer.
Are you impressed with the light of the other, moved by it, or you are unaffected or even disappointed with the size / intensity of the light in another?
Practice this measuring and I would enjoy hearing about your results.
May 16, 2015
 A child will be grateful.
One of the most confusing topics in raising children is teaching and implementing discipline.
Not in a distant past, 30 years or so, beating children, euphemistically called corporal punishment, was an inherent part of disciplining.
Generation after generation, humanity grew more aware that it was wrong way of teaching children and generation after generation
they failed to follow through with their intention to change.
A human ego is tenacious. You try to push it a notch towards new, it will look agreeable, only when you think you succeeded, it returns to the same
old programing with much greater force. However, with every attempt of an aware parent the program “don’t spare the rod” became weaker and ability to stop it
grew stronger, until one day humanity went full steam ahead and tipped the scale of change.
Of course when the scale tips it goes all the way down to the other side before it returns to the middle. Now we are still down in the other side.
We have at least two generations of young people, who have no understanding of self-discipline and a generation of parents who have no confidence
in showing own children consequences for doing unacceptable; waste, harm, irreverence, greed... usual ego ploys.
The loss of understanding what discipline means is a result of not only a fear of becoming an abuser, but also a lack of trust in wisdom of children.
Not seeing that every child is a timeless being, who comes to this life with own path to walk, own plan for fulfillment, even own name, left parents convinced
that they are responsible only for the teaching children about endless aspects of the outside world.
Their responsibility for hearing voice of the child’s authentic inner world, at this point, drowned by mass of trivial information, is commonly left unfulfilled.
Without being heard by parents, those who suppose to get you, the voice of authentic child will become unrecognized, undifferentiated in his mind as well.
Left on mercy of ego programs, which are not too kind to the world of others and with a closer look never kind to self, a child will create pain and will waste
a lot of experiences before he arrives to authentic conclusions.
The remedy is a discipline of the ego (that is trying with all it’s might to waste human life), while staying loving and connected to the authentic of both -
you and the child.
And here we have two problems.
Parents see their missing competence in forms and measures of disciplining their children, but because they were also left on mercy of ego programs
and nobody taught them how to recognize a difference between programing of the computer, they will not trust themselves in their choices of discipline.
Second problem is that when they seek help from a professional, they inevitably end up with someone who doesn’t know either, because their competence is based
on an education by an institution, founded by ego to serve the ego. There is no University that I know of, that will teach psychotherapy I speak about, and practice.
Every academic that is vocal about it, and there are very few, risks to be ostracized and eventually fired, because the ego is in power in educational institutions.
It’s quack-academics out there. Promoting, funding and making a big deal out of repetitive, limited, uncreative, small-minded research is not by accident or habit.
It is intentional position of the ego in order to stay in charge. Promoting only those, who will do what they are told, do the same what others before them, laugh at,
criticize, and join in rejecting those who are authentically contributing in the evolution of humanity, is the ego’s way to hold on to the reins.
But what about parents?
Parents, first learn to hear your own authentic voice, it will give you have courage to be unpopular for a day and popular in many years to come.
Discipline that you will show and teach is a blueprint how to be in charge of own ego for the child’s whole life. Without it they will struggle to experience
and accomplish what they came here for. The authentic part of the child will be grateful.
May 3, 2015
After you hear “there is no cure”.
Over the last 20 years I helplessly watched friends physicians dying from “incurable” illnesses holding with all their minds to a paradigm that was failing them.
I could see that to some it felt unbelievable, and to some doubly awful.
They accepted the sentence that they are dying, because throughout their carriers the shoe was on the other foot.
They expected from their clients obedience to their verdicts and treatment decisions, knowing plain well that they can not have certainty about the cure,
nor trust in administered drugs.
with an open mind” Paracelsus. Also very few know that it would be enough to say "I am sorry I was not a healer that I said I was, I had no business to be an authority
on human healing nor take the power position and rewards that socially came with it” and they will be free to chose their healing path, instead of giving power
to someone else and follow doctor’s orders (who has no human right to order you).
You have trillions of conscious cells in your body, that like aware citizens do not want a foreign government to take over their country to defend them.
They want your free, powerful mind to govern their state. Look around, see what a devastation foreign governments created in occupied countries
under a disguise of liberation.
Nobody should die because they were told by someone when, and that they are dying. It is your decision. 
Here is a choice after you will hear “there is no cure”: first know that you need help from the universe not an another person, since they admitted that
they are powerless, after you gave them their chance, next ask the universe and all the helpers “up there”, who are not after your power to heal, but to strengthen 
your energy, and aid the healing processes.
Ask many times a day until the Universe above and below will hear your will, and guide your trillions of conscious citizens to your health.

May 1, 2015
Give the children their thinking time back.
When I was a child an outside world was simple and non-demanding. It left me alone to my inner world.
My mind had time to reflect.
My main occupation was to ponder.
My most common and remembered states of mind were questions, reflections, observations, that I knew nobody around would be able to discuss with me.
The world was not only simple, it was simplistic. 
I was longing to see the profound and engage in truth speaking and truth seeking exchange.
When I was a child an outside world was failing me, but it left me alone.
Now, sixty years later a child is born to an outside world that is not simple, but is far from profound!
It became the world of complicated deception.
By the time I was a teenager I had my own world view (that had a long list of questions I am still trying to answer), I had a grasp of human confusion, that I disagreed with,
and a sense of inner values, that nobody taught me. All acquired by reflection.
Now the outside world not only doesn’t leave a child alone to his inner world but attacks a young mind with a barrage of trivial engagements, that teach nothing.
Not a single life skill.
This outside world is demanding, aggressively competing for child’s attention with endless new choices of entertainment and mind games mimicking an occupation.
Video games, television, internet chatter and a demand for technology/computer skills became this new world of deception, that pretends to be real.
Realty shows that are designed to take your life away from living it, are changing modern living rooms into staring rooms.
The years of childhood are sold to invented world.
The free time that I spend growing up on thinking is now caught, killed and stuffed with virtual nonsense, before a child has a chance to frown and ponder.
By the time a child becomes a teenager the outside world is all what he’s got!  It’s time to give the children their thinking time back.

April 29, 2015
Laziness of mind.
I hear from mouths of leaders and gurus common comments that we are not evolving, becoming truthful and loving because we are lazy.
A judgment statement that "...if we only discipline ourselves... because it takes work, takes effort to make oneself loving...” is the very message
that produces followers, who keep following schools, disciplines, religions into hopelessness and powerlessness. 
All disciplines in the world will not increase your love level.
No babies and lovers will.
It takes an experience knowledge (not pass down in words) what is Love within and after you see it, it takes a decision if to reside as a living presence
in the realm of love in this lifetime.
And this decision we all made before we came here. We can change our minds, as the world changes, but it is free and effortless for those who know it.
Shaming and blaming is a trap. 
Because the knowledge and the decision what life you are choosing has nothing to do with laziness.
It is an advanced knowledge of one’s life plan that dictates choices.
Yes, for the majority of people it is just their unawareness of better choices that blocks them from better life, and for them are schools, disciplines, religions.
But an ultimate choice of the permanent move to residence in the realm of love it is the choice of your incarnation.
For those who stood facing it – it’s obvious.
To those who never saw it, the work, effort, disciplines, is a distraction to get them better food. Not Love. 

Regina, your comment that we are not loving because we are lazy is far from love and truth.
The statement “.... if we only discipline ourselves... because it takes work, takes effort to make oneself loving...” is the very message that produces followers, who keep following schools, disciplines, religions into hopelessness and powerlessness.
All disciplines in the world will not increase your love level.
No babies and lovers will.
It takes an experience knowledge (not pass down in words) what is Love within and after you see it, it takes a decision if to reside as a living presence in the realm of love in this lifetime.
And that decision we all made before we came here. We can change our minds, as the world changes, but it is free and effortless for those who know it.
Shaming and blaming is a trap.
Because the knowledge and the decision what size of love you are choosing has nothing to do with laziness.
It is an advanced knowledge of one’s life plan that dictates the choice.
Yes, for the majority of people it is just their unawareness of better choices that blocks them from better life, and for them are schools, disciplines, religions.
But an ultimate choice of the permanent move to residence in the realm of Love it is the choice of your incarnation.
For those who stood facing it – it’s obvious.
Those who haven't seen it all the disciplines, work, effort might give them a better food. Not Love.

- See more at: http://www.gaiamtv.com/video/unlocking-secrets-alchemy-steven-ross#comment-406601
April 27, 2015
Brain needs time
The human brain has it's speed of processing. Even though people's intelligence varies greatly from person to person, the speed of brain
varies between people only ever slightly. By the very fact that brain has to processes data from inside and outside of the body to give us a read
on of what's going on, it really doesn't give us a direct access to reality, but gives us only a read of our reality with a delay of processing about 1/10,000 of a second.
When we learn to rely on a processed by the brain grasp of reality, we forget about our ability to have a direct view of the life experiences.
We have no chance by sheer effort of the brain to bridge the gap and see reality the way our Authentic Identity (Ai) sees it, because the brain cannot jump in front of itself.
It goes as fast as it goes and you can sit in Zen for 50 years and end up with the same view, although you might become less disturbed by it.
All of the various meditation techniques practiced for the purpose of arriving to a state of enlightenment are useless,
unless one understands this very basic fact: you can’t see God’s reality when you are looking through your brain.

April 13, 2015
Long time ago...
EMANUEL SWEDENBORG, 1688 – 1772, Swedish scientist, philosopher, theologian, revelator, and mystic,
really genius and enlightened mind wrote in one of his books: “Divine Providence” :
1. The universe as a whole and in every detail was created out of divine love, by means of divine wisdom.
2. Divine love and wisdom radiate from the Lord as a single whole.
3. There is some image of this whole in everything that has been created.
4. It is the intent of divine providence that everything created, collectively and in every detail, should be this kind of whole,
and that if it is not, it should become one.
5. The good that love does is actually good only to the extent that it is united to the truth that wisdom perceives, and the
truth that wisdom perceives is actually true only to the extent that it is united to the good that love does.
6. If the good that love does is not united to the truth that wisdom perceives, it is not really good, but it may seem to be; and
if the truth that wisdom perceives is not united to the good that love does, it is not really true, but it may seem to be.
7. The Lord does not let anything remain divided. This means that things must be focused either on what is both good and
true or on what is both evil and false.
8. If something is focused on what is both good and true, then it is something; but if it is focused on what is both evil and false,
it is not anything at all.
9. The Lord’s divine providence works things out so that what is both evil and false promotes balance, evaluation, and purification,
which means that it promotes the union of what is good and true in others.
Just think about it...
March 30, 2015
Truth is not democratic.
A true wisdom teacher or a psychotherapist, which suppose to mean the same, can not be produced by a university education
or any other educational institution, for that matter.
Might not even be an accomplishment of one lifetime.
Meant as a complement pointing at my competence  I heard “in your training” it is not any training that made me competent - its an evolution stupid.
The claim that I am qualified to help the lost to find their access to Light, because I went to school for it, is a nonsense, yet, a university degree
(often just a college diploma) is an only requirement for professional standard in the “civilized” world.
Side note; civilized also means: easy to manage or control; well organized or ordered... by whom?
An illusion of competence, created by controlling institutions that can accept you as a member and give a licensee to practice in mental / spiritual helping profession,
based on a formal education is one of those fallacies that are the most destructive in health care.
Those who seek my guidance and are in the helping professions, know how poorly I think about cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), one of the most obvious “techniques”
supporting an illusion that “we produced a healer”.
I would hear the ego voices screaming at me! Nonsense, we want professions to be controlled, you are a quack! Well, I do have Master and PhD,
I just don’t want to be part of any college, an epiphany of incompetence, to give me an illusionary approval.
The truth does not become true by a vote of majority. Millions or opposing critics of a single voice of truth will not shift the truth to the millions. Truth is not democratic.

Postings are often a continuation of the previous thoughts.
February 19, 2015
Unpredictable doesn't mean Unreliable
Predictability comes from routines, habits, rigidity, sameness. Predictability is a stagnation of the mind, caused by social conditioning/programing
for the purpose of control of lives of citizens.
It is accomplished by instilling the fear of judgment of others and consequently a fear of social rejection.
Advancing the words like “ordinary” and “average” to a rank of superlative, allows millions of people to become a human filler, not an active ingredient of social evolution.
Inability to examine agreed upon ways of living, fueled by a desire to belong, to matter, and a fear of not fitting, only grows with age.
Glorified stories about mom and dad, told by 80 years olds, is to justify their life-long laziness of thought and lack of courage to be different,
that left their inherited conditioning unchallenged.
As if all was working so well, they carried on the same way. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.
They also impose on children their stale, predictable modus vivendi with pride of superiority
and frown upon any sign of deviation from their predictable middle-of-the-herd position. 
They usually ruin their children’s lives, by denying them choices, experiences, individuality, creativity, the freedom to be different.
Reliability comes from an understanding and living by the universal values, that are based on truth in all, or at least in wide contexts.
Universal values are rooted in love and have nothing to do with social values and norms, because they represent an interest of an individual human,
not a strength of the cement that holds people glued together and dependent on handouts of rulers of the society.
Reliability is an earned by evolution (on own merit) a strength, a presence of the timeless being visible from the moment the child is born
and intuited by some parents way before they see the kicking baby.
Those who used their many lives to create own evolution are the contributors and creators of the evolution of humanity.
When people come to me for help I see if they are predictable or reliable. One basic test is that the reliable people understand universal values.
February 7, 2015
Freedom to be you.
Guiding people to their understanding is a balancing act on a narrow path between creating a dependency and following on one side,
and a wasteful, lengthy debates, usually ending is a rejection on the other. "Yay or Nay"
Everything is a truth on some level. It is a struggle to move from the ego level to authentic; a lower level to a higher one.
Why it’s so difficult to let the old beliefs go?
One of the many reasons, because it's hard to admit that we invested time and energy in holding to what we believed to be truth,
acted on it, and inevitably created pain to self and others. At best it feels stupid and wasteful.
When I point the difference between student’s present thinking and emoting to an option of a shift to a greater freedom, higher truth, only very few get it at once.
A bit more than few, especially if they’re are in pain, suspiciously examine my statements with a lot of questions.
And there is a difference between question that carries a possibility of own faulty logic and a question that indicates that the heels are dug in. 
A great majority of people come to me with the latter. Their quick answer "I disagree", without any examination of what I said, tells me that all what they want
is a validation that they are right and doing great. Surprise! Oh, they don’t like it.
Usually they never come back.
Well, I am too old for giving them time to get it. I don’t have much left to be slow and patient. At 40 it was fine, at 63 it’s not.
There is a percentage of people who stick to me because they want to learn to discern the truth from the level of timeless self and to ditch an illusion of truth from the ego level.
For them and for all those who have a teacher, guru, a therapist I will share my understanding of freedom from guru-ship.
When at a session we arrive to an understanding that the shift is happening, the student will experience a cheer from the trillions of citizens (cells of his body),
who are happy to know that they are getting a better government; the mind that runs their territory is shifting from darkness to light. What a joy!
This “aha” moment needs to be own. Now I have my truth, because I felt if. I know it, like I know that I am alive.
You can not ever answer to: how do you know? with ”because Yaga said it.”
There is no Yaga in that moment. Your new knowledge is exclusively yours, just ask your body. 
The opposite to that is a student whose citizens are cheering at the session, he sees the truth, but sooner or later he rejects the new awareness,
because he wants to be an authority over his life.
Only because he is afraid that he will become a follower, he would rather hold to the darkness than go to the light.
Never follow Yagas.
Follow only your truth when you know it. Let it to expand it to a grater context of application throughout life by learning.
Keep asking if you do not feel a cheer of your aware citizens yet.
Keep holding to a new truth fearlessly. It’s yours. Nobody, dead or alive, has the right to claim it, because you got it from them.
Truth is universal and belongs to all.
That’s why it bothers us so much when we hear about cult leaders, or any other leaders who ask people to cheer for their truth.
When we cheer for them we will not hear our own cheers for our own truth, and we will not become truthful to self in our own fecking mind.
January 15, 2015
New Year and Costa Rica!

Happy New Year!

My 2015 will be about the move to Costa Rica!
I hear: "I wish I could do that" or "Fantastic, lucky you! All the best, that's my dream some day..."
The whole life is our dream. We made it up!
"Some day" is today. Millions of people die with dreams never realized.
There was a story about a man, who was retiring after 45 years of work on the railroad. At his retirement party family asked him to give a speech.
He began with: "When I was 13 my dad died and I had to go to work... " and he went on about his first well paid job on the railroad,
and about the hard work he has to do on the cold days of Northern Ontario, and about camaraderie with coworkers,
and how much they enjoyed to rely on each other, and about many happy moments he experienced on his job.
But, at the end of the speech he paused and looking very sad, he told his family, that for all the years he kept a secret.
All of them were very curious and some a bit worried.
The man, after he sorted out his emotions, shared with his family, that in all those 45 years he wanted to go back to school to become an accountant.
Family was very surprised and sat quietly, but man's 6 years old grandson, unaffected, jumped in: "But Grandpa, now you can go to school
and become an accountant!"
"Oh, my dear boy, I am 58, by the time I finish my schooling I will be 64, that's not the time to start a carrier", he answered.
"Grandpa", said the boy "you will be 64 anyway!"
I will be 64 in October of this year and I will celebrate it in Costa Rica!
I am opening there a retreat place
and moving my center of wisdom studies.
It will be an international revolving and evolving community, where people can stay, rest, reflect and learn.

November 2, 2014
I am going to try. 
If you were looking for new posts on my website and wondering why there are none, here is why:
I want to post only about Ai, Authentic Identity and I am still writing about ego.
Perhaps it is useful in some future context, so I am not deleting it from my computer, but I decided to stop focusing on made up world of ego because it gives it energy.
Most of my posts are the results of sessions with my students.
All of them working on mapping their egos and unplugging energy from variety of characteristics that form their personalities,
which is the ego interpretation of authentic you viewing the world. When interpretations are extreme personality is in disorder.
To stay healthy you have to learn about your personal ego, then stop feeding it through addictions, emotions, excuses, negativities,
and finally increase the voice of authentic by following it’s directions, and learn to never dismiss it.  
There is not much one can write from Ai, since its voice is just an instant knowingness and an instant feeling. But I am going to try.
Without going through ego’s read of personal context, messages from Authentic Identity are very basic yes/no, stop/go.
If we would ad more words the messages would sound like cliché or dogma. But I am going to try.
October 3, 2014
Come to the kitchen.
Wherever I glance I see the hand of ego.
It meddles in all aspect of our lives and it is relentless in its attempts to dim the human light.
Since it can not deplete the energy, a mind of ego tries (with a lot of success) to convince us,
that we running out of energy and looks for the ways to create an invisible powerlessness.
It is not a conspiracy of one mind, or some few families... it is just  the darkness doing its job.
People who follow the destruction of ego usually are unaware, and if they are aware,
the ego blocks their way out by payoffs, often in pleasure, in power, in material benefits.
The lifting a veil of ego deception comes home today, right to the kitchen.
For years now the open-concept kitchen has been sold as the best.
Every new house should have it. In old houses walls have been knocked down and it’s increasingly rare to find a house
that doesn’t have kitchen open to another adjoining room. 
Closed kitchens were not only designed so the smell wouldn’t go through the house when cooking,
but to keep the energy of a nurturer, who prepares the meals, contained in that space.
Inevitably everybody would gather in the kitchen and feel cramped, cozy and happy.
Every space that repetitively holds the energy of a physical being will vibrate with that energy for some time.
Stronger the presence, higher the frequency, longer it lingers.
The open-concept kitchens, hits two targets with one shot.
The idea comes from public spaces that if they are open appear to be more impressive, more imposing.
That means you feel small in your own house. Also your energy in a large space is less significant,
dissipates faster, doesn’t stay locked to great you when you come home.
My conclusion, keep your kitchen closed.

September 30, 2014

Take care of your body.

Right after you wake up your body in the morning, you don’t look like you. Close, but not exactly.
From being a pile of cells humming with life to being an organized identity, run by authentic you,
sometimes it is an hour or so, that you don’t look like you.
Older your body is, longer it takes to represent you.
Not because you don’t accept aging, it’s just your body takes time to listen to you and match your being.
You represent timeless you and your body represents the life itself.
With changing, aging, dying, your body is the life that can run without you.
Know that every cell in your body is a conscious being that knows the life that hums in it.
Don’t try to overpower it with an ownership, it does nothing good to the body.
Understand it, support it, take care of it, and not by whipping it to shape with pride, or pruning it from shame,
but by hearing it and staying grateful.
Grateful, because the trillions of conscious living cells agreed in unison to give a confused entity a one more chance to experience better life.
September 26, 2014

Who are they?

An expression “they said that...”, often meets a criticism: “Who are they?”
The answer to this, from my perspective is very simple.
You heard it many times, but maybe never in this context.
Ego is them and it.
Ai (Authentic Identity) is always I
In the world of Ai we are I and others are I. We are all individual (in-division) parts of the same mind of Authentic.
Each of us is a one cell of an endless body and we are that body.
In the world of Ai we are ONE.
There is no separation.
In the world of Ego, on the other hand... all is separated from I and all is divided into variety of them.
In the world of Ego, there are divisive ideas, like patriotism, loyalty, pride of what’s mine, and a rejection of theirs.
Or an opposite, a rejection of what's mine and a desire of what’s theirs.
And there is the answer:
Who are they? The Ego
September 21, 2014
If we would decide never to serve a personal and social ego,
not to work for the collective ego,
not to promote it in any direct way, 
not to contribute in programing of personal and social ego,
what work would be left in your society? What work would you do?
September 20, 2014
The time from a perspective of programs and programmers (the mind of ego), is an unquestionable master.
The illusion that you live in an unchangeable, constant measure of time is one of the main lies of the ego world, and most of you - bought it.
It is designed and propelled to make you powerless and scared of time.
“I am of running out of time”, “Time is up”, “I raced against time”, “time flies”, “I don't have time to catch my breath”, “pressed for time” and so on....
Why do you do it? Is it lack of knowledge or simply focusing on mundane and rarely reflecting on a big picture, because you don’t have time?
The time is a provider – it serves you. You are in charge of it.
By making decisions what you expect from it and what you decide to put in the time you here on Earth.
If you decide that it is important for you to drive from Toronto to North Bay in 1h.30min. without speeding, the time will slow down
and you will arrive unsurprised an hour and half after you left.  
If any part of your decision is from the ego, it won’t work. It has to be all for “the highest good”.
That’s why it is so important to learn the difference between authentic you and your programs, and you can not learn that from a book, a lecture, a movie
because your ego will hide from you and lie that you are all authentic. For that you need someone like me, who knows the deference,
has courage and commitment to call you on it peacefully, truthfully and completely, without any part of it swept under the rug,
no matter how your ego will kick and scream.
If you know another person like that, ask them for an ongoing guidance, and of course (!) I would love to meet him/her.
 September 1, 2014
If you are checking my postings for a new ideas you will have to wait a bit longer. It is still summer in my part of the world and I am in the place,
where watching ducks to land on the lake is a joy of the day. 
Although, I have one trivial idea of today...
let's encourage everyone that as of 1st of September 2014 all artists, performing and not, will be called “gold collar workers”.
Blue and white collar division makes artists invisible and unimportant.
As if the world we live in was the world without creativity and magic. And if you watch ducks on the lake – you know it’s nothing else here, but magic.

August 3, 2014

You can do it.

There is no debate that our incarnated reality has two realms; a realm of authentic and the realm of ego.
If you picture the two realms, as two lands, you will end up with two kinds of citizens on this planet.
Those who identify themselves through the ego and those who know that they are timeless.
For now, most of the people forgot about their authentic timeless self Ai and do not live in the reality designed by it, they live in the land of ego.
When people search for a better state of mind, a better life, initially they are the tourists in the land of the authentic.
They visit, they talk about it, show pictures and then go back to living by the law of the land of ego.
The second kind are those who apply for a status of a resident, hoping for a citizenship in the land of timeless self.
They search, they visit they hold on to ideas, but they still live in their past paradigm. They do not do the whole walk.
Like Canadians of the first generation, who in their hearts still live in their country of their origin, with customs, language, culture and all.
And the third kind are those who always knew that the do not belong to the land of ego. (Hence the encounters of the third kind... kidding!)
They were appalled by the ego’s ignorance and arrogance from the beginning. My memories of that outrage go back when I was 5 – 6 years old.
They cannot do harm, they are selfless, creative, live in an abundance and are endless givers. Their minds and hearts are open.
Does that mean that if you are not born a citizen of the land of authentic you cannot become naturalized citizen?
No, I believe you can do it all in a one lifetime. I just never have met one.
I am here to help you to do it.
Keep in mind that the apparent division is about a level of saturation of the ego driven life choices.
Underneath we are all one. Yet we chose to live or not to live as one.
The discrimination against citizens of a different kind is only in the mind of the ego.
The fear and rejection is only in the mind of the ego.
Authentic is never bothered by it, although what ego choses to live through is often painful to watch.
July 22, 2014

Seeing past.

An initial observation of our physical reality is always happening on the level of Ai (Authentic Identity).
The timeless You sees and understands reality in all of its details and complexity. 
The ego, the programs of your computer, is like an envious girlfriend.
It takes a grasp of your observation with a delay of about 1/10 000 of a second, and it steps forward to take over.
At first it sorts out observed reality into three piles: “this is good” “this is bad’, or “this is neutral“.
The last one is often labeled in this part of the world as “I don't care” and by that it becomes negative, not worthy of noticing, rather than neutral.
After sorting the data, the ego takes a position towards the reality by either being for it , against it or “I don't care”, relating to its own interest.
Depending how important the perceived reality is to the ego, it might choose to trigger emotions, like a crave, a desire - a pull towards,
or a repulsion - anger, frustration, avoidance.
Positive emotions create addictions, negative are the source of the rest of human misery.
The Art of Living lies in understanding the read of the ego and the emotional effects of it are not your directives in life decisions or behaviors.
Having a full life in a society is not about preventing the ego’s interpretation of reality, nor is it to let the ego turn reality into emotions,
rather a full life entails one seeing past and living independently from the ego’s push and pull.
The secret of a happy state of mind is not to be sucked into the ego’s reality, but to live by the timeless law of love and joy.
July 20, 2014

Does ego...

...always want to have a last word and the first dance?
July 19, 2014


“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time you fall” - Nelson Mandela.
I would say there is not always the greatest glory. Bill Clinton is a one example.
Lets skip the glory concept, it is just life.
If it is lived as designed by the timeless you, it needs to be lived with the courage.
The steps that do not follow traditions, religions, social and familial directives (which keep you locked if not enslaved), will lead you to experiences,
where you will be amazed by your own power and abilities.
Where your courage to lead life, that at times makes no sense even to you, will serve as an example to many, who were taught to be afraid.
Where your choices based on the trust in intelligence and support of the Universe will become an inspiration to those,
who don’t have a courage to step out of their place in the middle of the pack.
Remember, if your life becomes a proof of the presence of the intelligence and support of the Universe, the proof is only good for you.
Discourage others to settle for knowing and believing in your proof. It is a trap for both; you and them. That’s how all religions started.
People settled for someone else’s experiences, even though they suppose to do the same or even better.
They said “Nah, I will sit in a pew and listen to somebody else’s amazing life – over and over again, that will be enough for me”.
If you are leading an amazing life, you better add to it a work of a teacher who guides others to their own courageous experiences.
Then fly besides them for a bit (no judgment how long!), like papa eagle, they all will learn to fly, whenever they are ready.
There is nothing more toxic in the parenting your children than replacing their innate courage and trust with a fear and predictability.
You will live a very small life, when you give in to the fear of the unknown.
July 09, 2014

One step deeper in deception.

Now, about the phenomenon of the new media technologies and why they are so addictive?
My take is based on the understanding that humanity an mass is moving deeper and deeper in the ego reality.
The ego, from the beginning, is feeding human minds with a read of reality (limited by the speed of brain) with the 1/10 000 of a second delay,
thus preventing people from seeing life experiences directly as they are, but rather as the ego reads it.
Those who seek enlightenment want to eliminate that obstacle.
If all people would see the life as it is, all humans would be enlightened and ego wouldn’t exist.
The new media technologies represent a whole new, one step deeper in deception, the trick of the ego – it is a read of a read of the life experiences!
How brilliant is that!
Let’s take them even further from creating and contributing in life.
Let’s convince them that the - made up world of technological interpretations - of the made up world of the ego read of life - is better than the life itself!
And let’s tell them that they HAVE to slave on a hated job - to earn money - to buy the technology - to loose the point of living completely  - and then let’s sell them
lots of drugs to muffle the voice of longing for the meaning.
O, it can get worse before humanity will wake up.

July 08, 2014

The sick.

My sociologist daughter asked me to watch a TED conference video presentation, and let her know what I think about the subject.
The woman spoke about new media technologies that they are just like any other drug.  She showed a picture of her teenage daughter with two visiting girl friends, 
all three with heads down, texting or web surfing on their cellphones. She commented on the picture, that her daughter sleeps with the phone and so does she.
Then she listed the consequences of the addiction to the new media technologies and appealed to the public to be aware, and to change.
Oh, it turned out she was a psychologist with counseling practice. 
So I wrote to my daughter:
Observing a phenomenon, noting the consequences, predicting the possible outcomes, appealing for changes to those who are the cause or the part of the phenomenon,
and doing very little in own life to be the change is totally ineffective if not disturbing. The woman sleeps with her cellphone! 
I can only be effective if I change.
Inspiring if I walk the walk.
And interesting when I am ahead not in the middle of the pile of social turd.
Her message is: "I am sick, you're sick, let's change, you first"
July 07, 2014
The permanent joy.
Whatever is a piece of the destructive programing of the human mind that you understand and you want to offer it to help others,
if it is truthful - it can contribute in their self-knowledge.
Of course, you have to include a qualifier that this is your understanding, in your context of only a piece of a huge puzzle.
With that discourage your audience from becoming the seekers of the endless many pieces.
Encourage them to become seekers of the understanding of self that has no pieces.
What is not helpful is the selling your ideas as the most important, and a formula that will solve all human problems in the field of your expertise.
I must say it is a common American guru approach, and we all know it. Read this, take this workshop, listen to this, eat this, do this,
and you will be happy, rich, healthy, slim, also tall and good looking!
Unfortunately the desired and admired, “ego confidence syndrome” a confidence with little to show for, seeped from the American social life,
to the helping professions.
An author and the reader be aware; the high that you figured out a tiny part of life doesn’t last.
The permanent joy resides in the timeless you and the shift from living by the ego programs to experiencing life as an authentic mind
is not based on having a piece of a puzzle.
It will only puzzle you.
The shift can happen when you will understand and know and that it’s you who created your own experiences
of the life’s endless many pieces.
The real helping / giving resides in the presence of the authentic, loving mind in the direct contact with you,
when you need help to sort out your confusion.
Only then you will see that we are all ONE.

July 04, 2014
Let the life to live by itself in you.
While driving I usually listen to the CBC radio. This time, the host Anna Maria Tremonti in “The Current” interviewed veterinary oncologist Sarah Boston.
The drive was short, so I heard only some part of the conversation. to get the rest of the story I researched on the web and found out that:
“Sarah Boston looks at cancer treatment in both the human and animal worlds in her new book, “Lucky Dog: How Being a Veterinarian Saved My Life””.
During her career of diagnosing lumps on animals, she discovered a lump on her own neck. But of course!
She went to have it checked and the results were negative. Of course!
She insisted... and insisted... and insisted... because “she knew she had a cancer”, she was the specialist after all.
Finally the results were positive!
But of course!
Then the story went on how being a veterinary oncologist saved her life, because she knew the cancer symptoms and pushed for diagnosis and the treatment,
and how untrained people are worse off, because they wouldn't know the symptoms and be insistent for the "right" diagnosis.
Instead of this huge promotion of the ego drama, I long to see in my lifetime, a wide spread understanding of the truth behind such a story.
I am sure the majority of people reading my blog know it, to be clear I will summarize in five points.
1. The ego program of Sarah Boston was running expectations of getting cancer. She looked at lumps all day. What you hold in your mind - you create.
2. She had in the her mind a lump and having a cancer, but she had no cancer. No, the first diagnosis were not wrong, she had no cancer.
3. She insisted until she was correct. The diagnosis showed cancer.
4. She believed she will be “cured”, because she saw her own results of cutting lumps out of animals for good.
5. Then she wrote the ego promotion book for the public ego to be fed one more hipping spoon of crap.
The ego will be upset and attack me here (well, the ego doesn’t come to my blog) because the ego wants you to believe in the made up world of confusion,
diseases, suffering, emotional drama, lack of intelligible patterns...
Ego sais– that’s life, and it’s not.
Life is intelligent, harmonious, clear minded, and many other brilliant things.
The longest living people are those, who allow the life to be lived in them by itself. They observe it, understand it, don’t mess it up by any “improvements” and love it.
Unfortunately, dear Anna Maria Tremonti, most people’s efforts go into the digging themselves deeper and deeper in the paradigm of the collective deception.
This story describes the basic paradigm, which educated, yet unaware people live by. 
A collective narcolepsy induced by the ego’s aversion to the higher human truth. 
June 25, 2014
We are the mind.

We are the mind that split itself to navigate endless possibilities of experiencing energy, especially the one that we call - life.
To guide people, to work with people’s stories, is like having a many parallel lives to understand, and to draw conclusions from.
The same with the raising children. A great opportunity to be the mind that experiences life from another perspective.
How about the caring for animals? Again it’s a chance to experience life, this time from a perspective of other expressions.
Also the caring for a plant, a garden, a forest, a field of crops, anything that requires care is a life that is happening for us too.
We are the one mind that suppose to be mindful. We are the love that suppose to be loving.
When and how did we lose it? The devastation, the slaughter, the destruction – where did that come from?
I am going to contemplate it and open to the Universe for the answers, they always come if I stick to my wanting to know.
There are a lot of theories where did the ego/programs got the virus from, but none, that I heard or read about, was convincing.
Mainly, because they do not have an implied solution, which means that they do not carry the truth.
The real understanding of a problem contains a direction to the solution of the problem.
June 16, 2014
Science figured out nature?

A belief that the science figured out nature, shapes the minds of a good majority of educated people.
The well known fact, that all of the listed below dogmas fall apart under a scrutiny of the free thinking,
non-dogmatic scientists, still escapes the main stream education.
Here are ten dogmas that shape main stream scientific minds, but do not hold much of truth,
presented by biologist Dr Rupert Sheldrake in his dialogues with Dr Andrew Weil, 2012:
1. Nature is mechanical, we are all lumbering robots.
2. Matter is unconscious. All matter, animated and not, is unconscious.
3. Total amount of matter and energy in the universe is constant.
4. Laws of nature are fixed.
5. Nature is purposeless. Nature has no point to it.
6. Biological inheritance is material.
7. Memories are stored as material traces in the brain.
8. Minds are confined to the inside of the brains.
9. Mind, since is inside of the brain, can not have an effect in the distance.
10. Mechanistic medicine is the only one that works.
All false.
To hear more on science dogmas: 
June 15, 2014
Become the abundance.
There are two integrous / authentic reasons to the giving.
1. To learn that you live in an abundance.
2. To take part in the exchange of energy where the abundance meets gratefulness.
When you look for any external rewards (Do the like me? Did I impress them? Will they be reciprocal? What will they give me back?),
you will not stay present and aware and most likely you will miss much of the joy, and the energetic benefit of the exchange.
The learning that you live in an abundance will continue, without ever feeling the peace that comes from it.
Somebody asked me: “why would you need to be a giver when you already learned that you live in an abundance?”
It is not for the energetic, or any other benefit. It is because after you learned that live in an abundance you become the abundance.

 June 14, 2014
Where the words came from.
I am posting the emails exchanged with “Pam” over the last year and in the first June letter she sent me a quote:
A man said to the Buddha, “I want Happiness.”
Buddha said, first remove “I”, that’s ego,
then remove “want”, that’s desire.
See now you are left with only Happiness.
I answered: TRUE.
It is a true statement, but it is not the Buddha quote.
Now, would it really matter to you if the words came from Buddha or someone else, when the energy of the thought is strengthening?
If it would, there is a website where you can find if the quotes are real or not Buddha quotes.
If the words carry an energy that liberates you from any entrapment of the ego mind, take it, keep it in your mind and use it for good.
It is only important where they came from if you can not feel the strengthening effect of its meaning.
June 12, 2014
The body image.
In today’s session I asked one of my students, what would you change in your body?
She brought up that time to time, in the last few month, when she walks in, I comment on her looks: “you look more and more like you”.
And she agreed. More and more, she lives her life with a sense of direction, a purpose and the meaning.
She feels that she is fitting her body well, and she doesn’t have a sense that anything is off.
She would change nothing, maybe to be a bit taller.
Although if I had ask her what would you change in your body 5 years ago, the answer would be - a lot!
She was somebody else on the pictures from that time. Not only she looks unattractive in her opinion, she looks like a different woman.
So the problem is:
If we design our lives and the choice of the body comes with the design accordingly - for the optimal experiences, when we don’t live lives as intended,
we would have a difficulty to accept the body, because it would appear to us, as unsuitable for the new occasion.
Now, how many people do you know that are living their lives, with a clear awareness, accordingly to their intended purpose?
Not many?
There you have it! How can you enjoy your body if you don’t know what a life path it’s designed for?
June 9, 2014
The postings in the Summer will come with the rain...
Check the weather!
The warm season in Ontario is too short to sit in the office and write every day.
June 8, 2014
The net of habit.
For many years I know a dramaturge (play writer), whose plays are dark, filled with the dirt, pain and the ego drama (hence the dramaturge).
His writing is brilliant, but the themes of plays are horrific. His health is deteriorating, his mind is troubled and the social setting looks taxing.
Of course as a friend I have no position to induce a change, although god help me, I tried.
When I ask the dramaturge why don’t you write about goodness, beauty, joy? He said he wouldn’t know what to write.
Side note: Friends are way more unhealthy than clients, because friends don’t ask for word of guidance.
If they do, it is just to strike a conversation and when that’s done, it’s gone. Never to think about it. Never use it to create a change.
How do I know that? They would come for more.
How is it that so very few art pieces come from the authentic, the light and love and so many from the ego, the darkness and destruction?
How come the movies and all the art are most popular when they carry a pain and horror of the dark side of the ego?
Is this by a design?
Is the ego virus trying to attract you to the darkness so you can be stuck there and create darkness in your life?
“What you hold in mind” sort of thing.
Or the net of habit holds an imagination safe from falling into trust, where creativity is bottomless and boundless?
June 3 - 7, 2014
June 2, 2014
A climb up hill to see the sights.
From my window I saw in a distance a car climbing a hill and I connected with the state of anticipation, when we drive uphill.
I don’t know if the driver was in that state and I don’t know what exactly he saw when he was up there, even though I know that road quite well. 
That’s not the point.
The wonder what’s on the other side with a hope of having a great view of an amazing landscape is the point.
Perhaps it represents the original state of our beings.
Space and freedom.
View of choice with no limits.
Never have met anyone, who wouldn’t admire and feel a joy when standing on a hill, or better a mountain with a vast view.
Find a hill this weekend and stand there and stare.
“What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare” William Henry Davies
June 1, 2014
More on SPS and children.
Here is a first comment I added to a score email and sent to a SPS questionnaire respondent:
Attn. Reflect on your position in the society as a bread winner. Perhaps you are operating in a survival mode rather than a creative one.
To my delight this person answered to my comment:
Thank you, Yaga.
“ ... Your comment is quite perceptive.  I am somewhat in a survival mode given the disruptions we are facing as we go through this period of the shifting consciousness. 
I do still feel my responsibilities as bread winner to provide for my children and grandchildren even at this stage in my life. They do not have the same financial opportunities that I enjoyed.”
This answer is representative of a position where the giving people find themselves to be, this days, in the relationships with their adult children.
I want to share with you two messages of my support of their giving and facilitating a shift.
1. The difference between having children under the age of independence (until the finish last step of formal education and are employed) and grown up children,
is that the first is your responsibility and the second is your choice.
If you chose to share your funds with your children it is out of generosity and care. It is a choice and as such it is not a responsibility and a burden.
And your children must know that.
2. When you chose giving you will always have the resources replenished and you will live in abundance.
When you look at it as a responsibility, where you have none, you will feel burden and feel shortage.
Keep in mind that the generation of your children and grandchildren have an opportunity to be creative and less focused on material, because of the earnings
and the providing of the parents like you.
It liberates their energy to become the shift of consciousness where the importance of love, care for environment and each other, kindness, togetherness, art
and many authentic expressions replace the material  world of ego.
Each generation had a job to do and you do yours.
When you provide a base for your children, as long as they don’t look at it with criticism and you do not worry about their future and want them
to have what you had – all is well.
Keep sharing, keep giving, you will always live in abundance.

May 31, 2014
SPS questionnaire.
When I receive an email with the answers to SPS questionnaire, (6th page on my links list) I experience a curiosity of a child who holds a wrapped present.
Until recently I answered to an each submitted questionnaire with the score and the general statistics of scoring. 
The lowest score you can have on SPS scale is 164 - Living in the ego world. Draining universal energy (I don’t think this mind will be looking at my  website).
The highest score you can score on SPS scale is 367.5 - Living in the world of Authentic Identity. Generating energy. Being a universal asset, not a liability.

Out of 86 submitted, filled questionnaires my readers average is 301. I really like that.
Because SPS assesses 3 dimensions: spiritual, social and personal, I decided recently not only to give a score, but also to include a brief comment
of what dimensions need an attention, a reflection, an improvement.
Here are two recent examples:
Attn.: Your perception of the spiritual truths is much higher than your understanding of the human world; social and personal.
You can increase your social intuition by trusting self as a higher authority than the “common beliefs” dictate.
Perhaps you didn’t review lately your options on the humanity or perhaps it’s not that important to you.
However, your experiences will reflect what you hold in mind and a betterment of the interpersonal life,
begins with increasing of the love and truth factor (the energy frequency) in your opinions about the human world.
Attn.: stabilize your values and image of the world by trusting self as a higher being.
Ask every day for the experiences to support that higher being / Authentic identity.
The feedback and words of the encouragement might not be much of a gift to one person, but when we focus on the changes, growth, evolution towards a higher truth,
a brighter light, a greater love, we are together making a difference.
I encourage you to fill up the SPS questionnaire to shift the own focus and to contribute, even if you have done so previously.
May 28, 2014
Gardening time.
You have to wait for my posting until all vegies are sown.
May 27, 2014
"Letting go of guilt and fear".
One of the common fazes in many publications: self-help, psychology textbooks, spiritual guidance or general health advises,
is to “let go of guilt and fear”, indicating that it is as simple as putting your winter coat away.
Guilt is a permanent state of the ego. I am OK is only in the authentic you.
When it’s written: “let go of guilt and fear”, read: “let go of ego”.
Why would you want a life without ego?
Why would you buy a computer and erase all the software?
I was encouraged 35 years ago, by one of my teachers to really commit to Zen Buddhism and its meditations, because he could see
I would become inevitably enlightened, while he thought, sadly about himself that he will not accomplish “the awakening” in this lifetime,
in spite of his great desire (and he didn’t – not in spite, but because of his great desire).
I remember thinking with a sense of absurdity about such a plan.
Life is to be lived and the light within you, the awareness, is to know your position in the world and the path you are walking on.
Guilt and fear will stay.
Just understand it, know its appropriateness and the right measure, then transcend it with the self-forgiveness and reassurance.
May 26, 2014
The helpers, who want to be rewarded.
All the do-gooders, whose intentions are to build their own great social image, or even to earn a place in heaven, are motivated by the ego.
The helpers, who want to be rewarded by loyalty and admiration are motivated by the ego. The governments that help underprivileged regions
only to build a military base there later are of course motivated by the ego.
The ego is only interested in itself, and if there is any interest in others it is to use the relationship for some self-serving purpose.
And I know what you may be thinking. You can say "but they still do some sort of good," and yes, they do. The ego can build a house
and serve soup in a soup kitchen, but while doing so, it builds and serves the ego. If humanity wants to evolve spiritually,
this very concept needs to be understood. 

May 25, 2014
To have time for everything.
The work for money, the money for spending, the spending to pass time
and the time used on taking care of the stuff you spent the money on.
No wonder that people constantly run out of time. No time - no life.
The life that we intended, is rarely the life lived.
The emptiness or drudgery of work sets the mind on the future; “I will suffer through this but I will do things what I like after”.
The “after” comes and the mind that suffered wants to be rewarded now, but it is just a conditioned view what’s rewarding.
I will buy myself this... I will eat this... I will do this...
Did any of “this” come to you as your own idea and an understanding what brings you a real joy?
Or you were told that “this”suppose to be fun?
When you are looking into the future for your happiness and in this moment very little represents it, the time will run really fast.
The complains about having no time to do what we love, time is speeding, and the life seems to be so short, needs to end,
and the learning to have time for everything what we truly love must began. You can figure out how.
May 24, 2014
The ignorance is not bliss.
The greater perspective of the view on life – the lesser attachment.
The lesser attachment – the grater appreciation of life.
Then the ignorance is not bliss.
May 23, 2014
 Let all the cells of your body to listen.
All actions born from the ego state of mind will bring conflict.
Some inner, some outer, most both.
Choices from your authentic mind do not create alternatives. They are obvious, singular, come from unity, oneness and the highest good. 
When you start considering options and possibilities you are moving your future to an area where the light is not so bright,
(or even “where the light doesn’t shine”).
If you ask:
- is this for the highest good?
The answer is immediate and clear.
When you have no indication of what’s the answer you have to quiet your body.
Shshshsh....let all the cells to listen. The universe out there wants to communicate to the universe in here.
Now you will hear it.

May 22, 2014
Declare yourself ready.
When I write my posts about parenting, an importance of gender identity, integrity of intentions in attracting a partner,
it’s not like I am talking on the edge of unthinkable.
However, not that many people reflect on their lives regularly, review their beliefs to broaden the context of their truths and then strive to live by it.
When you ask: “Why don’t you think about it?”
Usually you will hear:  “Busy”.
I think people just don’t know where to begin, whom to trust, how to go about the learning.
“Should I ask friends? They don’t know either. We end up talking about the same old stuff, from the same, well debated points of view.”
We stay the same, until hardship comes.
The best way you will learn without pain is by becoming interested and declaring yourself ready. Teacher will come.
May 21, 2014
The cluster wisdom.
Intelligence is not a cleverness of the ego programs.
Measurements of intelligence in the standard IQ testing does not recognize, nor understands a difference between the intelligence of the authentic mind
and a cleverness of the ego programs.
This is yet another example of the cluster wisdom, mixing a local, also called common wisdom, with the timeless wisdom.
To some degree it is grouping a truth with an untruth, although in the own context all is truth. Broaden the context, you will lose a lot of “small potatoes”.
Most of truths are restricted to a particular conditions (“small potatoes”, narrow context) and will not hold it’s substance when you try to apply it
in the world of all conditions and circumstances.
In the context of “allness” nothing is true. All is an illusion.
So, why are we are looking for truth?
I suspect we want to live in the greatest context. We want to be wise, not only clever.
May 20, 2014
Once a seeker, always a seeker.
Time to time this question popes to the minds of seekers: 
Why am I creating own experiences, making choices, striving to generate and leave the light in a darkness?
Once you asked, there are always more questions:
Is my pretending to be something describable convincing to me?
What is my point of being here?
Why did I become the life?
Once a seeker, always a seeker.
May 19, 2014
Five aspects of highly aware people:
1. By intentions and abilities managing or altering the time flow in order to be always on time.
2. Searching for the knowledge higher than data / trivia.
3. Valuing the the life in all aspects; for living is to learn.
4. Walking the middle road to save time and to enjoy the balance.  
5. Keeping open, feeling safe and living unbounded by the physical world. 
Are those your manifested aspects in some percentage?
May 18, 2014
Coaching and nurturing.

Parental coaching brings in children ambitions and the desires to accomplish what they intended in life.
The nurturing gives them trust, strength and endurance to do it.
The coach, the father represents an outside world, with that he teaches the children to function well in the world of ego.
By his own examples and sharing his understanding, he also gives his children lessons on how to deal with their own egos.
Coaching is an act of giving to a child of what's needed to function well in the outside word.
Mother represents the inner world and through the nurturing she teaches children to understand the voice of their Authentic being,
necessary to hear for creating the life as the child intended.
Both, the coaching and the nurturing can be done by one parent it the second one is absent (I did it), or by both parents according to the gender.
If the gender jobs are reversed, children either end up with a huge amount of ambitions and no strength to go anywhere (both parents coaching,
mother acting, father expected to do it), or no ambitions and lackadaisical attitude towards life (both parents nurturing - father acting, mother expected to do it).
Both coaching and nurturing must be rooted in love and authenticity.
Everything what we do, can be done from the ego state of mind by behaving “as if we feel it”, “fake it until you make it”, “play a role”, etc.
When parenting is done from the ego it is always recognized by children as unauthentic, although not always children understand
that it is the very reason why they don’t trust the words of parents and feel distant to them.
If parenting is done from the position of the ego it does more harm than good.
Because the coaching by an example - being a role model, coaching through the acts of giving, the nurturing and teaching
children to understand their inner voice, can be done properly only from a position of the authentic you, if you have children,
better start the work on your understanding of the two voices inside you.

Again, do not look at my words from a defensive concept of a discrimination, human rights, femininity and masculinity,
and all that ego fight for a better spot at the trough.
When you live from the Authentic your gender is never a determent to a fulfillment in life, it is an opportunity.
Your gender is your choice for the best conditions to experience life to love and to learn.

May 17, 2014
If you are continually shocked by a pathetically negative figures in our political arena this post is to calm your outrage.
Political elections in the democratic countries, like Canada, are based on competition, which, unlike in sports,
doesn’t mean “let the best man win”.
Results are based on a negative selection, which guarantees that the most ego driven, ruthless candidate wins.
“Let the worst man win”.
Examples are everywhere, countless.
When a candidate aims to “beat other candidates” which includes disvaluing, diminishing, dispowering the others,
it means exactly that - beating and winning.
Those are not some metaphors. Those are the ego terms, representing the ego world.
Do you really think that a good person, striving to living authentically would be a part of that world?
Ego competes, Authentic cooperates.
Elections that are based on a competition call for the biggest egos in town.
You can not expect truth and goodness when you sent the dogs to fight.
So why do you think that the one who wins will be nice to you?
May 16, 2014
In the beginning was the courage...
If you want to be you, you have to have the courage to stand alone a put up with a certain alienation.
If you want to be you, you will have to learn not to follow, to understand your own path, and face an inevitable rejection.
The obedient, conforming clones of a citizen - won’t like you.
If you are experiencing this already – great!
You are walking your path, and the change you are waiting for, began already within you.
I wish you the courage with every step!
May 15, 2014
The time will run all the same if you have money or not. 
Money doesn’t save you time – it can give you an opportunity to spend it differently, but the time runs all the same if you have money or not.
To spent time and energy (two dimensions measuring a lifespan) earning money, working at an undesirable job so you can put savings aside
and wait for life to begin after retirement, is the most unacceptable, yet equally common concepts that adults in North America live by.
If you were not fulfilled, while working you will not learn to find anything meaningful in passing or killing time on your retirement.
Time is to be lived, not to be killed!
And lived as you intended not as you got manipulated to believe.
Unless you have great parents, no other agent represents your interests, but you. Learn why you are here and fulfill your script.
No one comes here with a script which sais: “I will make a few bucks!”
The time will run all the same if you have money or not. Use it for good. Money will follow.
May 14, 2014
Aim for what’s true.
I never have met a couple, who would be taking another being as completely as love dictates.
To Love is to become an Explorer of somebody else's universe.
To be loved is to reflect on own life and share it with another, who is not only interested, but also inspired by your reflection.
Do not settle in life, and do not settle in the primary relationship.
Compromise is about agreeing who does laundry and who is writing New Years cards, not who will be your partner.
Aim for what’s true, you will become true, and you will stay true.
May 13, 2014

Equally doesn’t mean the same.
Can man and woman nurture equally?
Do they nurture differently?
Equally doesn’t mean the same. I love my three children equally, but I feel the love for each of them differently.
When I write about the differences between man and a woman I do not produce a division, I observe a division of incarnation.
I describe what I observe, sometimes all too obvious and yet not known to a non-discerning minds. 
I point at the possible reasons for your choice to be born in your gender, because it was your choice! That’s a fact.
There are specificities, possibilities, obligations, experiences and growth/wisdom opportunities different for each gender.
And of course a huge amount of opportunities that are here, regardless of the gender, to chose from.
Those who take an offense to my write up about the differences do not understand their choice to be born in your gender
and the gender bound opportunities to evolve in this lifetime.
If it is detrimental to your evolution – transcend it. If it is beneficial – milk it! No pun intended.

May 12, 2014
Five habits of highly unaware people:
1. Consistently late.
2. Following the “the others” not knowing why?
3. Valuing the money / material goods above everything else.
4. Tendency to extremes, like being gullible or skeptical - everything or nothing.   
5. Pretending to know, faking competence.
Do you need to stay away from people like that? Where would you go?
May 11, 2014
The thought that counts
Uncovering the hidden messages of the ego in common beliefs, echoed by common proverbs and sayings,
then rewriting it accordingly to the authentic is one of my basic cleaning jobs for the people who seek my guidance.  
Today’s “mopping” is based on a young man’s story about his effort to do something nice for his mother on mother’s day.
He had a good idea, but he admitted that he botched the job, then he concluded the story with: “Oh well, it’s the thought that counts”.
The thought to do it is just a beginning.
To be followed by:
The learning how to do it.
Preparing all what’s needed to complete it.
Doing it is upmost thoughtfulness and care.
Presenting it and offering it with joy of an accomplished task.
That’s what counts.
The thought doesn’t, when nothing else follows. It is even offensive and draining if you had a thought and did very little after.
May 10, 2014
Perception of ego is limited is divisive.
Ego has a limited perspective on life and produces limited thoughts. Action born out of a limited thought breads conflict.
Perception of Authentic you is complete and unlimited, that’s why it does not create separateness, it stays in all-ness.
Perception of ego is limited is divisive. Ego uses thoughts and the very nature of thought is divisive.
Thought gives an illusion of separateness.
Authentic you does not reside in time. Thought needs time, without time there is no thought.
Authentic you does not use thoughts spread in time. It has an instant knowingness.
May 9, 2014
Memories of the childhood
Memories of the childhood are good if you remember them from the view of Ai (Authentic identity).
Ego remembers it as a pain and problems of the moment. Ego rejects the childhood, seeing it as a time of powerlessness,
pain and a confusion.
This fuels ego’s craving for power and a pain free life and if you let it to have its way it will put you on a path of slavery and painkillers.
Authentic knows that our childhood experiences run as we signed for.
Seeing the presence form the Authentic opens your view on your childhood form the Authentic. 
All makes sense from the distance of time and wisdom.
May 8, 2014
The concept of boundaries does not exist in the world of the authentic.
It is invented by the ego to strengthen the ego.
If you are taught in psychology classes or your therapy sessions (ever so present in CBT programs) that it is important for you
to establish and keep your boundaries you are taught separateness, defensiveness and armament towards others.
You are taught to validate the danger of interacting with others and fostering a fear of their presence.
No wonder that a fear of public speaking is a number one phobia in North America.
Learning the defenses, the skills how to handle others when they are “out of line” makes you ready for the fight.
And when you are ready, the fight will come.
It is so simple, as all truth.
What you are protecting yourself from gives it energy to exist.
You do not need boundaries when your mind is run by the authentic, because no ego has an access to the authentic.
When you stay in the authentic state of mind long enough, no ego will have an access to your brain and your body.
Every cell of your body will resonate with an energy that ego fears and runs from.
You might end up only with one or two friends, but you will live disarmed yet absolutely safe.


March 14, 2014
I am particularly interested in the concepts of our identity, mobility and capabilities as a timeless self.
I named our timeless self "Authentic Identity" in my book, not by accident with the same acronym as Artificial Intelligence,
because both are described as something that they are not. Identity has no identity and Intelligence has no intelligence.
Today’s post will be about not knowing the right words because there is no language for it yet.
Morphic Field coined by the creative scientist Rupert Sheldrake, is a term used to point where telepathic communication takes place and it obviously indicates an area.
A field in a lay language, the same in the scientific language, describes a measurable, let’s say, surface on a planet. I have no knowledge of Rupert’s experiences, but what I understand  from my experience of being in that “field” that it has no dimensions. No acreage of any sort, where you can wonder about.
I had a sense of my position in the a particular spot, but only defined by my own choice to land “there”, for the obvious reason – a need of proof.
I needed a view that was impossible from my physical eyes to see.
If you land 30 feet above the place where you are physically sitting and take time to look around, remembering everything, then you go back to your body,
go physically and check what you saw, confirming that it was all true, you’ve got yourself a solid proof.
So I know for certain - the field is no field at all.
Our identity has no labels, or appearances. Our mobility is boundless, it means is instantaneous by own intention. Our capabilities are self-defined.
March 13, 2014
A strength of one's mind comes from an ability to recognize the voice of the authentic self, accept its authority and follow it
in an every step in life with no exceptions. 

March 12, 2014
ONLY by aligning with the creative, all-knowing, all-capable universal mind we are able to help others.
ONLY by connecting with a person’s creative, individual identity that is a part of the universal mind, a teacher can guide a student.
ONLY by being connected and tuned-in yourself, you can become a teacher.
Helping is not based on “knowing better” or knowing in advance.
The teaching is not a method, not a technique, no more than your life is a technique.
Helping is firstly, about co-creating the understanding how the voice of your timeless self sounds and secondly, hearing your message.
It is like a plunge into the-ever deepening stream of truth, experienced from your own growing perspective.
If it is a "special school" which expects you to earn a degree of expertise, then expects you to pay a membership fee, asks you to enroll in ongoing training
or you are out of the "club" I can guarantee you - it is to make you a servant of the agenda that does not represent the meaning and value of your life.
If there is any authentic message in it, it is erased by the system, created by the ego, f
or the ego to gain the power over you, to reduce you to its servant.
If you are thinking about helping others, start from reviewing the agendas of training institutions.

March 11, 2014
In the last post I asked: Why the “not knowing what to do with your life in age 20, or even 30” is not a big issue?

Very few parents are alarmed that their grown up children don’t know what to do with their lives. Most parents advise their children,
from a very young age to think about career that pays well and is in demand.
Go for a training where the jobs are, comes from the mouths of school counselors, parents and pretty much everybody else (with a very few exceptions).
If I translate this message for you in terms of wisdom, or rather lack of it, it sounds like this:
You are not here to create, you are here to survive.
You have no purpose in life.
You came without a plan or an idea what you are here for.
Your life plan begins at the end of high school, at the time when you need to look around for a profitable spot in society and it ends at the retirement, when you will do nothing
because you don’t have to, which is so admirable and desirable. Retire as early as you can, stash some money and spend life as a consumer that lives to amuse himself.
Wow! You made it!
As a parent I can relax because you will not ask me for money and I will not have to worry about you depleting my not-big-enough-stash that is for ME to spend.
Well... that is a programing of the ego with a main message that your life is meaningless and we call it: "social values".
It will guarantee you one thing – your children will become slaves, living in a survival and shortage mode,
working jobs that they hate, feeling unfulfilled and depressed, taking drugs and partaking in activities to feel better and not feeling any better.
Side note: mood altering drugs, legal or illegal are all the same – a crime against humanity.
What to do?
If you are in your teens or twenties, say no to the idea that you have no purpose here.
If you are a parent of young children ask them 1. Where did they come from?
2. What they want to accomplish in their lives?
3. Why they wanted to have their life in this spot of time and space, and why you as parents?
All children know the answers. But if nobody asks, if nobody seems to care - they forget.
It is buried under the endless information about the conditions of the outside world.
After years of mind-loading from the world of ego, children do not even know they have timeless self, never mind living by it!
How can you help them?
Ask the three questions as soon as they are conceived, ask when you are pregnant, ask when they are born and every week after that.
They will see that you are interested and that you are here to provide all what is needed to fulfill their plan.
March 10, 2014
Most of the therapies and psycho-theories stress the importance of roles that our family of origin play in our growth and self-shaping.
It is a common approach that not only recognizes but also emphasizes the pain that family of origin inevitably creates.
What we focus on, steps out from an obscurity and walks into the light, to become not only visible, but to grow... and grow.
This would explain why the family dynamism and drama is so huge in helping professions.
Why the “not knowing what to do with your life in age 20, or even 30” is not a big issue?
Because no one trains professional co-creators of oneness, wholeness without religious dogma. No schools of professional re-connectors with the timeless self.
Training is in a sector of dissectors.
To examine, analyze, or criticize in minute details became a model of modern science. No wonder people fall into pieces. They are perceived as pieces hardly holding together.
Well... in my view, the family of origin plays roles only on the ego level.
Concept that your family was a family in a different configuration in a previous incarnation is a myth for a needy ego.
If that was true for one person in Patiala, Punjab, means nothing and sais nothing about you (unless you are that one person in Patiala, Punjab).
Your family might not be representative of anything else, but the average of a human in a particular cultural group, that you were born to
in order to become a trail blazer, not primed for your life by one single ancestor!
Maybe your choices in life will be so advanced and so innovative that you will have to outgrow your family of origin.
To leave them lovingly behind, to agree not to be understood and walk alone to your future without anyone holding your hand will require more courage that you ever thought you have.
Maybe bond from the previous incarnations would hinder your life choices and weaken your courage, so you would chose family of no particular significance to you and others.
Think about it. Really.

March 9, 2014
A great deal of pity is sold under a disguise of helping people.
Another popular misperception, next to “broken family” - I wrote about it in yesterday’s post, is a concept that the aspects of birth are traumatic.
Separation from the mother, baby feeling scared “I am not safe” disorientated “where am I” were mentioned.
You poor victim you! Let’s pity those people who were born.
Wait! I think that’s everybody! O boy! Aren't we going to be popular! And we will make some serious cash here!
It is all made up, insulting, diminishing our being to pathetic lump of flesh, an ego lie.
Even if it would be true to the brain and the body, it is not true to the authentic you. The brain is not a real you and never will be!
As the authentic awareness we know very well what’s going on and until the memory of the timeless self is pushed away by the world of plastic rattles,
artsy mobiles turning hypnotically around and goo-goo gaga coming from many directionswe have some serious mind of the Universe behind us.
Don’t buy the patronizing concepts how small you are. You are NOT.
You are navigating your life from a moment of conception (I witnessed that fact) and you are in charge of it until you die.
There is nothing greater than you in life, because you are the life itself and much, much more...
March 8, 2014
Whose broken? 
I heard on a web tv program an expert on  “broken family dynamics”.
I tell every woman and man who are single parents: a family is never broken. Do not buy the label and feel less than, because a family member is not there.
Transferred from a brake up of a relationship, term broken family is a laziness of thought or an attempt to disempower you. Do not respect that and do let them.
If it is a lack of careful consideration of the meaning “broken” in this context, it is a result of laziness of thought.
If you say “o, it’s just semantics” you do not understand the power of words.
Words are not just semantics. They are energies created by the mind that holds the concept long enough to utter the words.
It is the people from a cruel world of the ego who label families “broken” to disempower you. They take your power for themselves to play experts of fixing.  
If you are a mother with a daughter you are a family! No part of you is broken because your husband died or you never had one.
People need to learn that they are not victims. There are no victims, only volunteers in life.

March 7, 2014
A fulfillment of obligations to our children stops short in this North American culture.
I am not talking about parents that charm children by abuse, neglect or abandonment.
I am talking about those who appear to give children all what they've got.
Those parents provide materially and look involved. They pay for basics and for extras.
They drive them to the lessons, practices, games and entertainment, yet they do come short.
The same parents never have a meaningful conversation, where children would express thoughts of their creative, free, Authentic, timeless self.
The conversations are about stuff of the world outside not the world inside and the children grow up not knowing what is it, this “mysterious” world inside?
The first sign that they do not know their inner world is that they do not know what to do in life.
They look for an education that reassures their survival, not their fulfillment.
They do not evolve, nor learn what is important in their life's final summary.
Why? Because they were never asked to show up and became supported as an Authentic identity.
Ask your children:
What do you think about it?
What did you learned from it?
What would you keep as your truth for now and what questions come up to your mind? Do you want to learn it by experiencing it?
Look your children in the eyes with a trust that they offer you an opportunity not only to learn about them,
but to reflect on your own understanding of the world/self.
That will deepen their connection to the endless wisdom of the Universe. Everything else is a pass time.
March 6, 2014
Any recipe of how to connect with God is not a connection with God.
A dogma, an instruction how to become a better human will not make you better human.  
Ditch any self-help book that its title begins with “How to...”
What would?
Thinking, feeling and doing as an authentic.
Learn what’s creation versus manipulation. Shuffling old data in a new way is not enough to be creative. Writing essay about things
that some creative minds produced is a manipulation not a creation, even if you write it in a new clever way. 
Learn what’s beauty, not what critics will tell you what’s art. If it doesn’t have a component of beauty it is not an art.
Doing good in not the same as becoming a do-gooder.
If it is not good for all parties from perspective of all-time, it is not good.
Consider the always and everybody and you will know what real GOOD is.

March 5, 2014
An idea that there is a field where all living beings memory is stored is not new. 
Dr.Rupert Sheldrake in the Lecture at the University of London, Jan 20th, 2009 speaks about his understanding
of “Morphic Resonance, Collective Memory and the Habits of Nature” http://vimeo.com/11653660  .
His idea that the morphogenetic (he calls morphic) field holds “habits”, the information that is necessary to manage life is limited to the ego, data and programing.
To know that the field is not limited to ego’s expanding life management is to know that there is also a field of knowingness that is related to creation,
instantaneous recognition of beauty, truth and love, field of meaning - gravity of presence and purpose - gravity of occurrence.
There is a difference between those two fields and how you connect and draw from each defines who you are in and beyond life.

March 4, 2014
I often speak about my understanding about two reoccurring basic questions:
Does ego exist or it doesn’t?
If ego exists is it neutral, benign, or evil, bad?
With time, my answers become more clear, even if sometimes I think “you can not get clearer than that”, there comes another piece of understanding.
Isn't that true about Life!
Asking “does ego exist is very much like wondering if echo exists. When no one makes noises echo doesn’t
A stillness, silence also stops the ego, but that’s how you want to spend your life? Stay silent and sit still? Some do. Is that a great virtue?
You might think so.
Not to me.
Because the problem is not with en echo but a purpose and a quality of your sound. Is it a song of joy that comes out of you, or you are screaming invectives.
Are you here to create beauty, seek truth and beam love or you are here to give your brain to the programmers interested in you echoing
the screams and abuses without thinking that’s wrong.
Without knowing that’s not what you want and that’s not who you are.
O, is that an another conspiracy theory?
No, it is a fact not a theory and there is no conspiracy about it, it is all spelled to you from an open book, written in the programing language
that you not suppose to understand.
To be free you just have to learn the language.
Ego is a totality of our programing and has many components. Look at the computer programs and internet, that's the ego reflection.
There are good, useful, important, needed things in it, but there are viruses, and many dark and adictive places.
Similarly to spending life run by programs, people now abandon their lives and spend their working and leisure time on internet. 
Are there minds that create viruses on the web for destruction in the functioning of your computer, taking your time and energy?.
Is that a conspiracy theory?  It's a fact.
Are there minds that create addictive games or time consuming programs?
Is that a conspiracy theory?
It's a fact.
Do they do that to take your time, energy, money, life?
Do they know that? Well, they work for profit, give them whole life, they will take it.

March 3, 2014
There are a lot of opinions about ego.
People quote a dictionary definitions of ego, like: "ego is the organized conscious meditator between the person and reality";
"ego serves to differentiate between tribal mind and individuality" and wonder what’s true?
My answer is yes and no.
If you think that personality is a set of programs, most of them picked by you to define your choices and experiences - the answer is YES it is
a set of programs.
If you think that personality is your individual mind, where self-awareness resides -
the answer is NO (unless you never thought that you are more
than a bunch of programs and you accepted that that's what run your life)
The differentiation between tribal mind and individuality is in your authentic, timeless you, not in the programing.
All the names, labels, titles, possessions, locations, say very little about you, only about your intentions what and how to experience in life.

March 2, 2014
The difference between emotions and feeling (see February 6, 2014 posting) explains the difference between compassion, co-suffering, and being moved/touched. Situations of victims,
the pain of others is not here to feel pain with them. Our pain is not so others would suffer with us.
The pain serves the purpose, it pushes us on the path of evolution which really begins with the courage. Usually a courage to stand on your own.
To stand where is lonely, because others are in huge groups staring at you with a contempt, criticism and external, false power. The pain is to move towards freedom
and a true, internal power with an evolving grasps of truth, knowing that the ego wants you to be stuck in the fight with its darkness, because it feeds of your energy.
The pain is to learn and move on.
To have a courage to see and say “no” to the lies, but spend only a moment on it.
The rest of your time and energy needs to go to a search for truth and self expressions through giving and love.
March 1, 2014
Every conversation, and actually all interactions with people, give us an opening to reflect on our opinions and positions.
That is why we often have conversations in our mind. We either rehash what we experienced with a different outcomes,
or we rehears future conversations, looking for the best state of mind.
It gives us an opportunity to become more authentic, to discover a new understanding. 
Of course, if the ever-present ego will take over, it will regret, vent or lie about the past interaction, and try to be prepared to get the best results in the future ones. 
When stating your opinions look for, and speak about, a prospect to discover a new insight. Examine the context and open yourself to a possibility of a shift
to a higher perspective. It will also help you to stop your ego from becoming patronizing (top dog) or being defensive (under dog).

February 28, 2014
You can not stop the wave of change... but the waves come and go, as waves do, and a great majority of people don't even have an ocean view.
What needs to change is the teachings that proportionally represent an importance of the outer world 30% and the inner world 70% of each and every person.
The outer world, the physical, including your body is represented by  emotions. The inner world, your creativity and discoveries, decisions and conclusions from experiences is represented by feelings.
Do you know the difference?
Did anyone thought you in school, from elementary to PhD, how to differentiate between your conditioning, programing of the machine, your body expressed by emotions, and you,
the operator and a creator expressed by feelings?
The purpose of operating the machine, the body, navigating through the intersections of the choices comes to us a feelings.
Feelings are present in an every cell of our physical body, that's why they are gentle (not to fry the body), moving, yet not forceful.
Emotions run through the nervous system, they can be bullish and compelling.
Hence the focus on the obvious.
Nothing will change the big picture of the world unless every human knows the difference between the timeless, authentic self and the conditioning, the ego.
Only then the choses can not be blamed on ignorance.
Forgiving them because they do not know what they are doing is wearing thin in my heart!
Learn. Yes, but who is teaching?
The education systems are created from the ego for the ego. They focus 99% on the world without the authentic mind.
For now let's go out of the systems, like this website.
By changing our identities from ego to authentic we will create the systems where a human factor will not be detrimental to its purpose.

February 27, 2014
When ego argues against your vision of the future life, it uses words like impossible, unrealistic, absurd, unattainable.
To stop you from creating life that you want, ego puts in front of you a picture of your physical reality as something much greater than you.
To take your power away, ego convinced you that you have no power over the world out there, including your physical body as something greater than you, and only somebody “more important than you” can heal it.
I tell you: you have power over everything, first of all you have power over those lies!
Secondly you have power to heal and create life as you come up with. Any doubt is a virus that needs to be deleted, as soon as it comes, because it does come.
No one on earth wants life that is based on what’s out there. Out there is all shits, no giggles.
Create the future to your liking. Think what you want. Skip material wants. Think about being and doing, not having. Use no one as a crutch or necessity. Necessity is not part of creation.
Remove the hissing of the ego with its pseudo-logic of limitations. Creation has no limitations. Including limited time.
Outer reality is yours to play with, don’t let it play you.
February 26, 2014
All what I write here is my conclusions from experiencing my individual life.
The grasp that comes to me directly at the time of, and evolves after an experience, depends on an amount of questions I am asked about it.
(Side note: Never tell a story the same way twice, unless it's funny.)
I use to search for my understanding in explanations of other teachers, but there was always something not completely true.
Was I a picky student, over critical and never satisfied?
That which was not completely true were the experiences (not mine) and the choices of their specific conclusions (not like I would think).
That’s why we are individuals.
Not “undivided” as some Gurus are dogmatizing, but” in division” with freedom to chose.
THE ONE MIND, that we are, only ”in division” can have freedom to chose experiences and create own conclusions in seven billion ways!

February 25, 2014


It took me long time to find the way to access the field of consciousness.
Plugging to the field is not yet a success because the morphogenetic field is divided into giving and taking.
Consciousness field and Ego field.
Ego field holds data and manipulation. Who, where, what, when, how... and can we get something out of it.
Consciousness field holds wisdom and creation. Conclusions from living and discovering the unknown.
Plugging to the field of consciousness and learning to completely rely on it is a success. Google that my mind!
This explains the idea that more you know, you are aware how little you know.
It is not at all that you need to know anything. All you need is a question and how to plug to the "field" of wisdom to get the answer.
I do not know the truth, but I know how to find the highest truth for a specific context.

February 24, 2014


Time for egos of this world to hear from the authentic that their crap won't fly.
Not because we will fight with the egos but because we will live by truth.

What truth?

For every context there is only one truth, everything else are imitations.
The same as it is only one love. There are no conditional and unconditional
loves. If it is conditional it is not love.



February 23, 2014


We come pre-ordered by our own intentions.



February 22, 2014


Life is a school (and all things show it. I thought so once and now I know it).
I am sure we are here, experiencing a life to learn.
Schooling, learning facts, data, know how, is here to teach us about our physical world but it is just a basic necessity, a beginning. 
By adding the items to the list of your life events, you are not creating an individual, own story. You are in the story of everybody else.
An act of creation involves an understanding of your positioning towards the events and the reasons behind the choices you make.
Be involved in creating your life.
When growing and not knowing life becomes, like your pants -  too short.


February 21, 2014


O, the deadly game of chasing time...  when we catch up with it we try to kill it.




February 20, 2014


What is the Truth about fighting?  Where is the Authentic knowing standing on that?
Is it possible to have a benign fight?
If you are harming me how can I stop you and not add a punishment for your action?
Can a punishment be Authentic?
What you think?


February 19, 2014


Beauty, Goodness and Truth are the  highest forms or ideas. They represent expressions of The Authentic through a physical being, doing and knowing.
Beauty is a manifestation of the Authentic as a physical  being and there no positionality towards it. Just being-ness exactly as intended to be.
Goodness is a manifestation of the Authentic as doing.
Truth is a manifestation of the Authentic as knowing.
Beauty, Goodness and Truth in the mind of Ego looks very different.
Ego judges, objectifies and rejects or desires the physical  beings.
Ego’s goodness, doing good is an exchange of goods and deeds and is always looking for payoffs.
Ego’s knowing is limited to a world of if it’s own agenda and its truth is limited to what’s best for self.
Keep reflecting on your ideas about life and self and step out of all positions that are dictated by the ego.
I know, it's a huge effort at first, the same effort as quitting an addiction... but one step at the time and it will come easier and easier.


February 18, 2014


Truth has no recipe.



February 17, 2014


A Prayer

Please remember that formula for a prayer/request is up to you. Do not limit yourself by any particular form.
Work on the trust that in the mind of authentic you absolutely ALL is possible and  learn to become worthy of all what your authentic represents in life.
Do not limit yourself  by the logic of the ego, because it will only bring examples from the past and presence to prove the point that what you want is impossible.
Your future is open to create with a little or no relation to the past.
Through the power of my... (guides, angels, higher self, God)  I request the most suited... (partner, work place, house, friendship) to represent the highest good and bring the most loving outcome in my life.



February 16, 2014


 Authentic welcomes all what life brings. Ego is a picky eater: either rejects or craves and chases after it.



February 15, 2014


Postings here are intended to offer my understanding of wisdom, as I see it from my window. The sealing of one level is a floor of the next one and I  spend my days 

gathering stuff to move another floor up. Sometimes I succeed. Rounding up my stuff means drawing conclusions from experiencing daily life to see

what is the ego and what is the timeless, authentic me or us. The seeing gives me a freedom from being stuck on one floor, one position,

freedom from being run by my ego and/or those around me. This includes embracing those stuck in the world of ego on the main floor,

usually gathered in the lobby, gossiping about those living on the upper floors. They would reject you but do not do tit-for-tat,

although those who reject you would often project their rejection on you. Do not co-signed under that statement. Love them all ,

more those who hate you, since it’s not so easy. Just remember loving others is a permanent state of mind.

It does not mean you join them in the lobby and hold their hand. It means you think kindly about them. Feel encouragement and hope, like looking at a kid, who doesn’t know how to tie his shoe laces.

No pity, no patronizing. Just kindness.




February 14, 2014


Spiritually-based relationships are initiated by a moment of realization that what we see in the eyes of the other person is much greater then in usual glances at people.


What we see in another person's eyes is either a memory of another dimension or access to a level of perception that is not accessible by sight itself. The subtle energy that radiates from their eyes carries a message from the world of Authentic Identity. It appears to be obvious and natural that we want to know what this message is.


The protocol of approaching a person is something of a forgotten art.

An approach to make a connection is like a couple’s dance, where one step follows another, and the next step can only happen when both dancers are moving at the same pace. When each dancer is aware of the other, and where no personal gain is an instigator, then the joy of music, harmony, precision of the movement, and the synchronicity between the two dancers, makes up the basis of the dance.


If the ego gets involved when recognition is going to progress to connection,  it all becomes like a bad opera where illusions are layered so thick that the singers do not hear the music, do not see each other’s movement, and have a slim chance to find the notes that would express their authentic inspiration.


Being able to create an authentic connection is fulfilling far beyond any ego gratification, and thus, it is worthwhile to learn the steps of this "dance". To be continued...



February 13, 2014


A spiritual recognition - seeing the timeless being in somebody's eyes, brings a sense of familiarity of that person. At times it's a chance to begin a lasting relationship.

However most often we have things to learn with that entity and when we learn, the relationship ends.

Some people are slow learners and can take a whole lifetime to move just one step while still staying with a person that has nothing spiritually to offer them.




February 12, 2014


Relationships with people who are not our spiritual equals are either formed with some serious help from the ego, or are brief a opportunities for accelerated growth.

When a created connection is based on equality, the relationship will last.




February 11, 2014


In my experience, it was much easier for as a therapist to bring a man's ego to his awareness and convince a man to let go of his ego gains, than it is to convince a woman to do the same.

I can speculate that the reasons why women are in a greater denial of functioning from the ego perception, is that their view of self is based on giving rather than taking.

Her value of self is rooted in nurturing, giving, and to face an “ugly” truth, that she is motivated by pay-offs of the ego, is less acceptable to women than it is to men.

Men are OK with an idea that they are out there to get as much as they can, and bring it home.

In Western societies men, for ages, have been conditioned to be the bread winners, and they openly and proudly fight for their rewards.

Women on the other hand are conditioned to be the nurturers and givers, to rely on men for survival and accept men's rewards as their own.

As in our Western Societies women's fight for equal social rights gave them their equal responsibility for providing for self and their children,

their spousal support became volatile and often non existent. The woman ego's overt fight for survival is still judged as unfeminine and unacceptable;

hence the denial that she also functions in her intimate relationship from the programs of her ego.

The style of operation of a woman's ego is usually less obvious than man's, that's why they are very surprised and defensive when they need to face it. 

Perhaps the more covert style of a woman's ego is the reason why women trust women much less than they trust men.  



February 10, 2014


The ego is a set of brain programs that enables us to function in our environment and like a computer program that cannot be utilized without a computer, the ego doesn’t exist without a brain.

Because the brain comes and leaves with a body, unless programs of the ego are passed to a new brain, it really has no other route to preserve its existence.

Unlike the Authentic Identity that is from forever to forever, the ego could disappear in one generation if we all decide to get rid of the un-integrous aspects of ego.

Since that is unlikely to happen, we need to learn to minimize its destructive force within us. 

Great majority of the studies of the aspects of human psychological and social functioning, until recently, were about understanding, and with that, validating the functioning of the ego,

while at the same time reducing the human to a computer run by the ego program.

Much the same as all other sciences based on Newtonian physics narrowed our interest in the world to poking at a pile of matter. 



February 9, 2014


 The ego software originally becomes installed in the second trimester of pregnancy, when the brain is formed.

Throughout the formation of the brain in pregnancy, infancy, childhood, and even adulthood a new installments and upgrades are added to the original ego operating system.

Since the ego is there to reassure first the self-preservation and then the self-gratification, the more the basic needs are taken care of, the more the ego shifts

from self-preservation to self-gratification. Concerns with dinner are replaced with what to do for fun after dinner.

Because dinner in North America usually ends up coming from the supermarket, and in the large majority of homes, there is always some food in the fridge,

a child’s call for her mother’s attention is more often "mommy I am bored" rather than "mommy I am hungry."

I teach parents to convey to their children this message: no intelligent person can be bored in this life.



February 8, 2014


 Do you think there is any relationship between the ego and gravity?

People's understanding of ego as self came from Freudian theories that describes self-identity without distinctions between timeless self, authentic self
and downloads of concepts of self, the ego.
Downloaded is an idea of being.
Authentic is pure being, no concepts necessary.
So, gravity and ego, both represent the realm of actuality not potentiality.
Both exist in specific conditions. Both can be eliminated.
Ego is the read of all laws of the physical existence of human beings (perhaps all physical beings...) if there is no presence of awareness of timeless Self.
When you are capable to stay in the Authentic state of mind, you feel light, weightless and when you shift to the ego state of mind your body becomes really heavy.
Gravity is an agreement to see physical reality from a perspective of a subject to that reality. Agreeing to live in a country where the law sucks, but you want to live there so you accept the sucky law.
What counteracts gravity is of course moving out of the gravity reality in your Ai state of perception. 
Ego is a dream to go with a physical illusion for the sake of the experience and the sake of the contribution in collective awakening.
Collective is the key. The humanity can not yet shift to a state of Ai an mass, therefore we, the seekers and the teachers have to take it slow.
To work on own awakening and leave humanity in the dust comes only from ego that wants to feel "special, better than others" and cash on glory from it, literally, expecting to be paid $20,00.00 for an hour of a conference appearance, as I was informed by one "guru".
We are here for others equally than for self, and others are asleep. Don't startle them with a rapid movement, because they will kill you.

February 5, 2014
Relationships, if you are aware of it or not, are an opportunity for us to see the light/love/authentic identity.
When we are looking in the eyes of others, we are searching for their light.  Our light sais “I see the authentic, timeless you”.
In the moment of looking in somebody’s eyes, if you are aware of it or not, you size their authentic identity.
People of a smaller light than yours - are your children. Most of biological children have a greater light than their parents.
People of an equal light to yours - are your partners. If you are a biological parent make an effort to become your children’s equal light. Most likely, your children
have a greater light than you.
People of a greater light than you - are your parents. Rarely biological parents have a greater light than their children.
When you learn to look and assess the light of others you will have much easier time relating to people.
Remember the assessment is not a judgment, because it doesn't carry a rejection.
If you are a biological parent and you make an effort to become your children’s equal light is not a favor to them, you are doing yourself a favor. 
Encouraged by her daughter, a mother called me and stated that she would be willing to seek my guidance only if it would help her daughter.
I said - no. I can not take you as student of wisdom with such a false premise.
February 4, 2014
If you are single and wondering if you need a partner in life?
There is one answer - you don’t.
You can live a happy life being single.
Yet, if if you are looking for the reasons to create an intimate relationship, there is only one real reason.
Because the greatest joy of life is to have an opportunity to express love.
Yes, you can express it all over the place: to children, friends, pets, life... and stay loving and smiling, but only in an intimate relationship you have full right to see it expressed to you.
There is only one reason to create an intimate relationship and thousands of ego contracts like there is only one love and thousands of ego imitations.

 February 3, 2014


When you put your relationship in the hands of the ego, you might never get it back.



 February 2, 2014


Ego exchanges, Authentic gives.
When you want to create an authentic relationship you would look at what you give to the loved one.
When you create an ego relationship you look at what you are getting out of being with her/him.
One would question if you really love when you are operating from the ego within that relationship.
Yes, you can feel love for the person, but relate to them mostly from the ego. That’s the biggest tragedy of the human relationships.
Loving and not being able to express it because your ego is afraid to be taken for granted, being a fool, being used... and begins to count gains, keeps scores, control... and the living by law of love is gone.
In comes an un-fulfillment, disconnection, lack of understanding, not being seen, not being valued. All the emotions that appear in a relationship when the Authentic you was not driving your action.
What if you are mostly Authentic and your partner is functioning from the ego? Well, you created it, you entered it, it came from your idea what you wanted to experience in a partnership.
Examine that and change it. It might happen that your partner will shift, or you have a big decision ahead of you. Think deeply, you will act fast.


 February 1, 2014


My postings here are about sorting out what is authentic, what comes from the ego and when is run by the ego, what’s benign and what’s toxic. Because most of the ego programs are non-toxic, like most computer programs are non-addictive and are not viruses, it is good to know where you are loosing your energy on daily bases.
Todays posting is very basic, yet unsorted in most minds. For some it’s no brainer, for some
It’s about decorating your body that takes many forms.
Some are basic and necessary, like cloths and shoes.
Some more supplementary, like watches, bags, belts, hats and other so called accessories.
Some nonessential but desirable contributors in decorating body, like hair coloring, styling, makeup, nail polishing, jewelry, and tattoos and piercing.
The toxic contributors in decorating body are those that your body can not get rid of on it’s own or with your minimal help.
When body can not return to natural state inherently, just being left to re-grow, or wash away, you are in the toxic area.
This leaves us with tattoos and piercing.
When it’s a small piercing, body will close the hole if you do not stick any metal in it for few months, however, once the hole is closed completely, you still will be left with some scarring.
Tattoos however are the most toxic ego manifestation because the body can not get rid of it on it’s own..
That explains a mixed feelings with emotions people have about piercing and tattoos.


January 31, 2014
Truth is not a matter of opinion.
Ego has opinions. Authentic speaks the truth.
Ego created debates and takes positions.
Truth is true in every context and from every position.
Truth lives in Always and in Allness.
January 30, 2014
Those who serve darkness will never have ego as their enemy.
January 29, 2014 
I do not know if it's in all languages, but in English and few other, ego terms are used interchangeably with Authentic. Perhaps it is not a matter of language, rather a matter of the  culture and social values. I wrote previously about a difference between feelings and emotions. Today in a conversation with someone who I would perceive Authentic and private, she mentioned that she could appear reserved.
Upon reflection, here is a difference between reserved and private, since one is from the Ego and the second one from Authentic.
Reserved is about the others. You have reservations about “them”. You reserving your opinion about them until you know more about them. You are not open to them because you do not know if it’s safe.
Authentic is always safe, no matter what, because Authentic in inaccessable by anything and anyone. Only you can mess it up.
Being private means that you are self contained, peaceful and others are to experience them, rather than show yourself off to them for applaud or approval.
Being private is an opposite to another ego trait, a need to broadcast to others who you are and what you know.
Why is it important?
Clarity of thought is clarity of heart. Self-description affects your energy. Clearer your energy, healthier you become.

 January 28, 2014


The only way you can screw up somebody's life is if you are that somebody.
Everybody else, including your parents are just conditions.
To blame the conditions for who you are now is to agree to stay stuck.  The blame takes away your will to change, freedom to choose and power to do so.

All living beings learn to thrive, regardless of conditions. They adapt, evolve, figure out how to live in the most adverse conditions.
We have NOTHING to whine about.
So get up and be grateful for the life you have left to be responsible for the whole you!


January 27, 2014


Time for egos of this world to hear from the authentic that their sh..t won't
Not because we will fight with the egos but because we will speak the truth.
And there is only one truth, everything else are imitations.
The same as it is only one love. There are no conditional and unconditional
loves. If it is conditional it is not love.

 January 26, 2014


Everyone needs to see this


Yeast/candida from digestive system is distributed throughout the body, where it turns to fungus, fungus is cancer.

Remember taking a probiotic pill or eating fermented food won’t make that much difference if you won’t change your diet. Stop eating sugar and sweeteners, processed food and yeast.   


January 25, 2014
Science-quacks or Quackademics


Todays comments suppose to be about intuition.

In Canadian daily online magazine I read:  "Scientists have dismissed suggestions that some people may have extra-sensory perception,

or a sixth sense, after a year-long study at the University of Melbourne."