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Yaga Bialski Ph.D. 

Offers confidential support and guidance for psychotherapy and counseling providers.

If you have no supervision or colleagues for brainstorming you can book supervision or rather added-vision to your practice.

Doing myself for over 40 years, I teach how to access non-local library of wisdom, while guiding others.
Schools for psychological, spiritual, mental health helpers, that will teach you only skills by information
and not send you to work as to some degree an awaken, authentic you, are teaching you to swim
on the kitchen table. You know you will drown when you are in a deep water and you will have no courage
to enter any greater depth with the clients, because you know you never learned how to swim.
You will only tread waters with clients because only a swimmer can teach
another and be not afraid of water / life.

in a series of an advanced teachings that will give you an opportunity to be more certain of the way you work,

more certain what do you want to offer as a therapist and how to become a better practitioner.

To sign up for the guidance please use the email link below to send me the information about you and your work.

I will contact you within a day to work out the particulars.

If you wish to submit your registration by email directly, click here





Yaga is all substance, no filler.  She is a seeker in this life and in seeking her insight, you in turn will learn to become a seeker! The cornerstone of her practice could
be summed up in an age-old dictum coined by Socrates, “the unexamined life is not worth living”, a statement often quoted but rarely lived up to;
Yaga lives up to this and guides others to do the same.  
Yaga is well versed in this life, I do not know of anyone more pronounced in their wisdom and level of awareness, as such I know that her guidance is grounded in her own experience.
I have found the consistency of her guidance and advice to be applicable to me in both my personal and professional life. 
I came to know her 9 years ago, as a young single Mother seeking support and direction in my own life, and through working with her, I too learned to become a seeker in this life
and have been actively engaged in examining my life ever since. 
A few years ago, I began to guide others and have been consulting with her regularly regarding my counselling practice. 
The insight she offers is 100% customized to the individual and their experiences.  At times she confirms my own insight and knowingness, which helps me to grow in my own certainty,
as I learn to trust my own insight as a counsellor.  At the same time her input, in addition to my own, allows for us to co-create a level of understanding that is always in depth and advanced;
as she has noted often throughout the years, “talking always works to advance thought”.  This has shaped my practice in counselling, that in bringing my awareness and insight
to the interaction, I am teaching others to become present and perceptive in their own lives. 
Much as her individual teachings have enriched my life, my regular consultation regarding my counselling practice has and continues to enrich the quality of service that I am providing to others. 
Sometimes we need another point of view; its like picking raspberries, sometimes you think you’ve got them all until you bend down and see a bunch that you missed. 
I have found Yaga’s supervision to be a most valuable and essential resource. 
Thank you Yaga, you are truly a gem in this life!
Brandy Labine, B.A. (Hons. Psych), RSSW