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Testimonials to Yaga's work
This testimonial is in memoriam of my dear friend Vydas, who passed away suddenly on July 17th 2013.
Vydas had written this poem as a gift for one of my birthdays:

There are explorers, who edge our minds forward,
Not by climbing mountains, or diving waters,
Nor digging or rocketing skyward.
Rather, give us as though sons and daughters,
Members of this curious questioning family,
That we as temporary travelers, wisps of life,
Must tread this earth not so calmly,
Sadly, fearfully, worried by tears and strife,
Your hand, and smile, and time, and mind.
Creative wisdom has come from trial, and age,
And work, and living, seeing not blind.
Help us see the world as sky, not a cage,
To write, to share, to let me not harden,
Grateful for you in this savage garden.

Next, the notes are from the wisdom students:

Simply put, Yaga Bialski PhD is a life changer. I can think of no one person more skilled in guiding a person to travel a path of Authentic, True and an Inner-spirit driven path than Yaga Bialski. Columbus had a sexton, Neil Armstrong had NASA computers, I have Yaga Bialski. She has taught me to see with my "real" eyes, hear with my "real" ears and feel with my "real" heart. To say that I feel reborn would be a understatement. Yaga Bialski is an absolute gift to those who seek a new path, a new direction and freedom from the chains of a crippling ego. To be guided by Yaga Bialski is to know the true light that shines in this world for ALL of us to see and feel -without hesitation, J.

What do you say about someone who saved your life?? That's exactly what Yaga did. 
The first time I walked into Yaga's office, I was in a very, very dark place. I was lost, scared and so sure that I was going to die. Yaga looked into my eyes and told me that I will be fine and I will see the light again. This very statement brought me to my knees. I immediately grabbed on and refused to let go of her.
What's even more important; Yaga refused to let go of me.
I went to her addicted to drugs, thinking I would never get myself out of this mess. Yaga showed me the way. She has been walking beside me every second of this journey, knowing exactly what to say at exactly the right time. With her love, wisdom, and support I have walked the path and I am no longer in darkness. I would not be here today if it weren't for Yaga. That's the god's honest truth! L.


 Yaga offers a safe, loving environment in which we examine the effects of my ego. She teaches me through my own life examples how to make and maintain authentic choices. She is patient, kind and offers truthful opinions to support my shift from the "ego world". I feel blessed to have her guidance and I see my personal growth with each visit. Thank you for all you do Yaga. S.

Yaga Bialski reached into the darkness and guided me into the light. She assisted me in making sense of the insanity that permeates today's society. She showed me our true potential as timeless brings; and as sure as pi is built within the fabric of the universe; so is there a universal truth. Yaga Bialski has for me unveiled that truth. M.



I have been a student at the Spiritual Centre of Wisdom Studies for 4 years now and what I have learned is incomparable with what is offered up in formal institutions as knowledge and truth.  Through connecting with Yaga, I have successfully rerouted the direction of my life, and am continually uncovering my own inner wisdom and strength, with the understanding and awareness of my own duality.  What a blessing to have found her in this small northern town! B.



Yaga's guidance has been invaluable in bringing depth, truth, peace and understanding to my life. Through her I have learned to identify and differentiate between the ego and my Authentic self, and to rely on the guidance of my Authentic self to experience life in a more meaningful, truthful and joyful way. A.



Yaga Bialski PhD has been a mentor and spiritual guide to me for twenty years .
During this time I have come to know who I really am, and to a great extent, what my existence on this earth is truly about.
Yaga Bialski, I have grown in the areas of self-confidence, self awareness, and connectedness to the universe. G.



I met Yaga Bialski PhD 10 years ago, confused and depressed, unable to work or sleep. My life was empty. With Yaga Bialski’s patient guidance, I have finally found the true me. I was able to heal physically, mentally and spiritually and am now able to help others through my work. She continues to teach and guide me as I become more Authentic. I am realizing how ego works with its many facets but am learning how to sidetrack it and keep my life in balance. My life is abundant and I am able to finally fulfill my dreams. L.


Yaga has given me my LIFE. 
When my ego dimmed my inner light to almost complete darkness, she devoted whatever time and energy it took of hers
to show me the tools to help me connect with my authentic being. She showed me love until I was able to see it in myself. 
She showed me truth, when my ego was misguiding me with lies and fear. 
She showed me my Authentic Identity and how it would always guide me in the right direction.
She never gave up on me when I felt desperately hopeless and consumed in grueling fear. 
She saw how my perception was false and misleading and pulled me towards the path of truth. 
Without her I would have spent my life on medication, or I would have been committed to a medical institution due to insanity.
Yaga is light, authenticity, genuineness, grace, strength, hope, stability,  and complete LOVE. 
She is a true gift to humanity and I am 'from forever to forever' grateful to have created her in my life.
Thank you Yaga.