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Retreat N’ Rise Foundation
was created to provide retreats for artists, scientists, and all creative seekers, looking for an
inspiration, the new expressions, inner change, ways of unblocking a flow of work.
We were hoping to gather founding to offer a guidance and support to creative people of all
ages from around the globe, who are often under-funded, isolated, under-appreciated.
With a need to strengthen the voice of inspiration, to increase motivation, or to unblock creative flow,
a creative seeker meets another creative seeker equally unsupported, and after a session of exchanging
their frustration both return home hopeless and discouraged. And the needs stay unfulfilled.
My dream to create fully, or partially paid by the foundation retreats for them is still going on.
Because I also returned home hopeless and discouraged, now I am focusing more on earning money,
than on fundraising.
Hence the seminars on topics that I know the best; proper service with care for people struggling
with psychological problems and disorders.
Critical of others working in mental health care I also often said that all working people are
needed in this field. They do what they can the same as clients. Even if they know how,
they can't do it. If they could do better - they would. This is everybody's best.
What we really need now is to match client's and provider's best. 
The seminars in your location or in our retreats will give you a necessary knowledge and tools
to make a suitable referral and offer the best help for a particular client.

Retreat n Rise ® is now open for booking! 


Come and participate in amazing retreats in two amazing locations in Costa Rica!
Playa Panama, Guanacaste
Lake Arenal, Alajuela





See you in Costa Rica! You will have the best and most rewarding time of your life!

Retreat n Rise website

I will also keep my retreat page on this site up to date and we will be posting on Facebook when we have spots left for specific dates.

Please check Retreat n Rise® Facebook page and give us love and support. 

Retreat N' Rise with Yaga Bialski