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When you are on a  sabbatical from your teaching you suppose to write and publish

So I did.

I wrote for children of all ages series of 12 books in English "At the same time" on Kindle,

edited by supermom, teacher Jasmine Jessen-Howard and 12 books series in French "Au même moment"

translated and edited by super-grandma, teacher Lynne Lefebvre.

To both amazing women - thank you so much!

Special thank you to Rosa Loess for her amazing pictures,

and to my super-cute grand niece Justyna Barańska for lending her face to my main character.

Spanish and Polish versions are in progress.

Below is the link to my published series of 12 books on Amazon-Kindle in both languages,

series of 12 stories as one book, as well as the paper book









All my books are accessible in digital form through this website.

The links below will give you an access with the same fee as Amazon. Your choice. 

Consciousness Spirit Soul... and the Ego




 "Consciousness Spirit Soul... and the Ego"
is available now for $20.00, plus shipping. You can order your copy from this website, pay through paypal (click the paypal button)
and the book will be shiped to you within 24 hours.
Book is available on Amazon.com
and all major book stores.

Consciousness Spirit Soul...... and the Ego

Interpreting truth in intimate relationships through the multidimensional human properties

By Yaga Bialski, PhD.

When we are talking about Consciousness, Spirit, Soul and the Ego we are not talking about ourselves but about properties of the universe.
Our true identity is not Consciousness, Spirit, Soul or the Ego, but the user and programmer of all of them. We create and we destroy. We use Consciousness to know and expand the truth, Spirit to create and expand the energy, Soul to remember and record it all, and the Ego to take, use and destroy.
Our true identity is the being, the isness itself with own history and own path, with access to all the properties to do whatever our free will decides, but we are none of the properties.
To our Authentic identity that I will call from now on “Ai” uses access to all universal properties to create illusions and to impact reality.
To Ai the physical world including our body is an illusion and is not interested in following it, so it needs a helper that can take care of the logistics of the body and the entire physical world. Therefore it created a program, which was supposed to be a useful operating system that was only there to reassure survival.
This system works in animals, why it doesn’t work in humans? The answer lies in intelligence.
Our human superbia is responsible for creating, throughout time and effort, a program, called "the ego', which, in spite of being an imaginary force, took a life of its own, and continues to thrive. From mouth to mouth, from mind to mind, the ego is expanding more than ever. It became what it always claimed to be, a God.
It convinced a great part of Western society that it needs to be listened to, admired, and revered if not worshiped. It created hierarchy of worth amongst people and insists that some people are worth nothing and some are worth billions. There is a whole language of the ego that for a spiritually aware mind is like a scratch on a music record. At times you cannot hear a word because the ego is screeching behind the words way too loud.
Taking into account this ego perspective, this book unravels the mysteries and conflicts behind couple hood and relationships, centering the ego as the source of most problems. By focusing on the Ai, our Authentic identity, this book outlines ways in which partnership can be harmonious as the individual learns how to function based only on the spirit, while at the same time acknowledging, and silencing the ego, or the dog within us.
Now we understand that the universe is created by our observations, our thoughts create magnetic energy, that creates the field and the field shapes our reality. Observable reality in the context of quantum and relativity theories is now explained using Ai, the observer and the creator.
To receive a physical copy of this book click on Buy Now. It will take you to Paypal site to purchase the book for $30.00
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Physical copy of the book "Consciousness..."

To receive ebook click on Buy Now.

It will take you to Paypal site to purchase the book for $20.00 and after the payment is completed

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E-copy of the book