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What it it means to connect to wisdom
My knowledge of and the access to ever-present, non-local library of wisdom is based on my experience years ago, of being only the timeless authentic self.
Without the life,
Without the body,
Seeing and knowing without the discrimination.
No discrimination is an important feature; it is perception of everything as it is, with no value attached to it. It is just witnessing without validating.
The discernment, without judgment.
Over next 40 years of studying various spiritual teaching and practicing psychotherapy, my understanding of the purpose of that experience became more and more clear. 
Now I see, how it became a backbone of my practice and my teaching. 

I teach now how to access that non-local library of wisdom; how to differentiate between being authentic you, and all other identities of ego; like having or doing.
By following the instruction where to find the path that will lead you to experience yourself as a timeless being, you can wake up to being authentic.
The timeless authentic self is the only teacher that can teach others in therapy, counseling, coaching, etc. to make a shift from programmed you to authentic.
All schools for psychological, spiritual, mental health helpers that will teach you only skills by information and not expect you to show up to work as to some degree an awaken, authentic you, are teaching you to swim on the kitchen table.
I teach not to pursue, but to open your mind to the presence of the Authentic you. 
We all have built-in dimension of experiencing life as a timeless you, authentic identity.
There are five dimensions in that experience.
1. Awareness
2. Oneness
3. Presence
4. Knowingness
5. Feelings
1. Awareness is witnessing everything from the view of one self without placing a value or taking a position for or against the witnessed object or event.
2. Oneness is the state of witnessing everything, while the view of one self becomes blended with the observed object and boundaries of self expand to all.
3. Presence is a state of undeniable being.
4. Knowingness is an instantaneous answer to all what the mind takes interest in. There are not even questions, only answers pouring in with the focus.
5. Feelings is a presence of variety of states, like: joy, bliss, love, happiness, care;  that appear in every cell instantaneously, generating energy
and increasing sense of health and vitality.
Those are the words that might inspire you to sign for a retreat and apply the learning to make it your way of living.


The School is now in preparation for the
on-line program and it will be ready
October 30th 2019.
Please check with us October 25th 2019
for courses, retreats and pricing.