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    My thoughts on Twitter



I didn’t change the form of 140 characters limit on Twitter.
If you think it would read / sound better with a bit expanded wording write me, please.
If you spot any errors please let me know.


Personal freedom begins when you learn how to delete the collective ego voice,
using you as an open-to-copy hard drive for directing you to live accordingly to its agenda.
Life is like a blank canvas, don't treat it like a coloring book.
Wherever I am, I home. The Universe is my home. Home is the path of a seeker.


To know the difference between the voice of intuition and the voice of fear is a basic skill in guiding others to independence from ego.


"How to" find happiness leads to seeking pleasure. Happiness has principals. Principals are not recipes. Learn principles. Path will unfold.


Happiness is a lasting inner knowing, it's not the same as pleasure. Teachings of seeking pleasure and calling it happiness is a trap!


Preparing a script for a psychotherapy session is like packing a suitcase for a diving jump.


Psychotherapy treatment plan, before you see any client is an ego insult on human evolution.


Value your life. Engage in conversations that lead to reflections and point to the essence.


If you are looking for your lives’ design, look back. There will be a bunch of dots, waiting to be connected.


Clarity of mind requires consistent self-reflection

To support the law of preservation of free will do not go after fame and money that carries enslavement and abuse in it.


No life is pointless, if you don't look for it, what's the point of living?


The only person you can be tomorrow is better you


To be a leader in human evolution is not an elected position. One can not offer you wisdom by a vote.


Because being ruled by the fools is humanity’s present best, you can’t expect to be acknowledged for your wisdom by a popular demand.

A loss of truth is gradual, it happens when insults pretend to be complements, like "average Joe" and "ordinary people".


It's not knowing who you are that carries you through life, but knowing your path and the spot you are standing on today.

Daft people, run by egos, are not harmless. They just have no harm intentions. Install a Daftdar and avoid them.

My harvest prayer: Thank you God for dirt and all the beings who know what to do with it.

Take unaware in moderation. Ego is like liquor, can energize you with a sip and blank your brain if you take too much.


Love without wisdom is like a river without riverbed.


No matter how accomplished and admired you are in the word, you might be ordinary and a bore to your children.


Cleanse your mind from a pollution of emotional world, body from toxic food-stuff, relationships from untruth. 


When you look at the amount of human pain, you would think that the wisdom is locked in a safe with a secret code of thousand digits.


The darkness in all realms is not a metaphor. It's a force trying its best to corrupt the truth. Stay well in the light and hold to it tight


Persistent lack of clarity is not taking time for self-reflection


If you have to register your profession / education in an institution that "lets" you work,  you are reduced to a dog with purebred papers.


lf conversations that are lacking principal, either by intention or declaration are taking your time and throwing it away.


There are no victims, we are volunteers here in this realm of light and darkness. If you say I didn't ask for it, you don't know yourself.


Manipulated by those who benefit from milking the slaves, most people are stuck in triviality, without even a glance at their lives’ design!


That’s why there are so many village idiots! People relay on the village to raise their children!


How to multiply your gifts? Give to people who not only want what you have to offer, but who also give as good as they get.


To those who wish to sleep we could only offer the gifts designed for the sleeping. Service is only possible to the extent it is requested.


When things in life are difficult, when you experience road blocks, potholes and detours, you got off the main road. Life is hard is a lie.


Each person’s awakening is of a far greater importance to this third density planet earth, than teaching masses how to prepare a nicer meal.


In order to deliver what you're asking for, Universe waits for you to show your address - get out of the fog and stop running in circles.


At some point of your learning the choices you make look all the same, good, good, good...


Knowing that you've got an inner world is knowing that your life can be hugely independent of the outer world free to create own experiences.


Awareness of your inner world is essential to feeling free in the world of traps and limitations.


Freedom consists knowing the voice that uses you as an another hard drive willing to copy its narrow truths, and learning how to delete it.

When you figure out the game designed to reduce you to a pawn, then you really be able to change and become free.

 You are not in charge of your mind if you can not change it when faced with facts.



To be a human is an experience, not an identity.

An ultimate choice of the permanent move to residence in the realm of Love it is the choice of your incarnation, not a result of discipline.

Don’t wait for life to teach you, because she’s slow, takes whole fecking life to do it!

Chronic Inner Homelessness - when you don’t know your life purpose you reside in other people’s domains.

If a thing is based on what is good and true, then it is something; but if it is based on what is evil and false, it is not anything at all

I spend so much time showing colors to the blind, hoping that they will paint their world like Leonid Afremov  afremov.com

If you want a proof for incarnation, look at how little most people learn in one lifetime.

When you look at the amount of human pain, you would thing that the wisdom is locked in a safe with a secret code of thousand digits.

Majority of the seekers are tourists in the land of Authentic. They visit, talk about it, show photos and go back to living in the land of ego.    

Ego always wants to have a last word and the first dance!      

The design of a creative life path often makes sense only when you look back. If you need to know what’s ahead you will always follow others     

Making a minimum effort won't make your life easy. You can learn to make a maximum effort with ease.      

Learn how to see and live in an abundance - you become the abundance.       

The shift can happen when you will understand that it’s you who created your own experiences of the life’s endless many pieces.       

The joy resides in the timeless you and is not based on an understanding of yet another piece of a life puzzle.       

Yesterday’s self-knowledge holds today’s learnings pointless.    

The net made of habits holds our imagination safe from falling into boundless and bottomless creativity.      

There is a time that going with a flow will flush you to the sewer.       

If money would save you time where would you stash it?       

Money doesn’t save you time – it can give you an opportunity to spend it differently, but the time runs the same if you have money or not.       

To Love another being is to become an Explorer of somebody else's universe.       

I see the darkness. I see those who carry the darkness to remember how much work has to be done and what a clarity I need to have to do it.       

I am the light and the darkness in me is the image of the world I am born to, not the image of me.       

We do not own anything. At home, treat your women as if you are always visiting her domain, and you will always be her guest of honor.       

OK, now this is really the end the discussion about bad / good ego. If you run it - you live in always. It runs you - you die every moment.       

There is no such a thing that wouldn’t exist in the mind of the authentic you. I / You are the all-ness. I / You are the oneness.       

Only the timeless you can read from the non-local library of wisdom and information. Ego has no access to what does not exist in its mind.       

This ends the discussion - is the ego bad or good? It will be good if you will run it. It will get bad if it will run you.       

The ego is blind. It will take down the very life that is hosting it, not knowing that it dies with it.       

When you don’t know that your ego is a System software and an Application software, you are allowing a mindless program to run your life.       

Ego has no conscious. It will charge at the world, looking for the best position to reassure self-preservation and self-gratification.       

All ego programs hold the life in a physical realm to its intention to keep on living, and keep on changing, just don't leave it in charge.       

Timeless, authentic you, a being that has an awareness of freedom of choices is an operator of your life. Drive well.       

EGO IS A SOFTWARE OF LIFE! The Universe/ God keeps life alive. The ego is a range of possibilities how this life can express itself. Chose.       

Parents cannot offer you what you are worth. Look to the Universe for your offerings and you will be surprised of its generous appraisal.       

I created my life that I would never need to take a break from.       

A social etiquette is an ego's expression of the mistrust towards non-scripted interactions between creative, authentic beings.       

When Authentic wants to express a truth, it has to create a thought, ego can own it and run its own emotional show of righteousness with it.       

When you live from the mind of the authentic, you don’t have any needs. Everything is provided for you before your ego will develop a NEED.      

Don't ask me for a direction if you already made the decision not to move!       

Ego - You scooped a bucket of darkness to turn that shit into a fertilizer for a healthy garden you wanted to grow. Where is your garden?       

Know what you are investing your energy in. If you put it in the ego, it will deplete or empty your account.       

Why do we accept theories that explain such a minute piece of reality, or give explanations so complicated, that it’s utterly useless?       

Even the darkest of the dark has the light, because there is only light, in various degree of presence.       

If all the information would only be passed locally by physical observable means, human kind would not have many universal characteristics.       

Self-help business became similar to pharmaceuticals. Billions are spent on books and seminars and the results are still negative.       

To learn to be authentic takes understanding how the voice of your timeless self sounds and keep hearing your message.       

The teaching to become authentic is not a method, not a technique, no more than your life is a technique.       

Your family of origin might not be representative of anything else, but mediocre in society to free you from possible false identity.       


Parenting is one way street.       



Your children came to life with a plan. As a parent, you are to provide for them ALL what's needed to fulfill their plan, not yours.       

Main message of social conditioning is that your individual life has no meaning. You are here only to be used as a part of social machinery.      

No schools of professional re-connectors with the timeless self. Training is in a sector of dissectors.       

Why the “not knowing what to do with your life at age 20, or even 30” is not a big social issue?       

In human sciences dissecting life into minute details left people falling into pieces and hardly holding together.       

A great deal of pity is sold under the disguise of helping people       

So very few are free thinkers because a motion to go after the truth is stopped by an ego, wanting to be right in midst of common perspective.      

Words are not just semantics. They are energies created by the mind that holds the concept long enough to utter the words.       

An instruction how to become a better human will not make you a better human. Same as how to connect with God is not a connection with God.       

A manipulation replaced Creation. Shuffling old data in a new way is not creative. Writing an essay about creation of others is not Ph.D.       

Stillness, silence stops the ego, but that’s how you want to spend your life? Stay silent and sit still? Some do. Is that a great virtue?       

Asking does an ego exist is very much like wondering if echo exists. When no one makes noises it doesn’t.       

Do you see the ungrateful recipients? Giving their lives to God. Didn’t they just say that God gave them life? Do they want a refund?      

Creating a static world for “well-controlled” experiments to make a progress in science is nonsense. Whose reality stands still?       

Learning in life is not to know more, but to know what is important in your final summary.       

Understanding the difference between emotions and feeling explains the difference between compassion, and being moved by pain of others.       

Smoking pot prevents one from building a huge motivator to create changes - a frustration. Pot lulls the mind to accepting unacceptable.       

To avoid patronizing or being defensive, when asked to give an opinion look for an opportunity to discover a new understanding.       

Social ego models are not for the young authentic minds. Lay off Ritalin, stop the abuse of children, and work on self-forgiveness. Time to Get It!       

When you see a responsibility, where you have none, you will feel burdened.       

Inventions or discoveries, are results of a willingness to accept a possibility that what we know is limited, or not true at all.       

By changing our identities from ego to authentic we will create the systems where a human factor will not be detrimental to their purpose.       

Looking for a job: Look for a mission, not a position.       

Waves of change come and go, as waves do, and a great majority of people live on the land without a view of the ocean.       

Not letting ego to stop you from connecting to authentic is an art of living.      

 Necessity is not a part of creation.    




Create the future to your liking. Skip material wants. Think about being and doing, not having. Use no one as a crutch or necessity.       

Never tell a story the same way twice, unless it's funny! Chose a different form, you might create some new conclusions.       

We are individuals because THE ONE MIND, that we are, only “in division” can have freedom to choose experiences and create own conclusions.       

You live on your own account. Blaming others gives them password to deplete your assets.       

You will lead a life of shortage if you think that riches are outside of you.       

Do not limit yourself by the logic of the ego. It will bring examples from the past to prove its point - what you want is impossible.       

No wonder everybody feels that time runs fast. So many people either chase it or try to kill it.     


If you cannot give a life as a reward, you cannot take it away as a punishment.