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The last three years, after moving to Costa Rica with an intention to create retreats for people in need of clarity,

I spent on figuring out logistics of daily living in this country, to create life with my usual ease.

Now, that’s done, I am ready to bring my most enjoyable professional work back to my life.

The group therapy on location!

The first group retreat for people who experience gloom and fear. Depression and anxiety.

If you hold to the outer world for meaning and joy, for dear life, and you know that’s the most unstable walk,

this retreat is for you.


It is 26th of October - November 6th 2018.

Book by September 30th


We need courage to overcome human, conditioned limitations.
We need courage to unlock from one's social settings,
not to become a dead weight to the human evolution.
It is not easy to do it on your own, and to stay on your path without a support.
I know that all too well.
In your retreat you will not only have a solid support and guidance from me,
but you will have beauty of nature, so well preserved here, to bring you joy.

You are invited to try.

8 Signs you need to come to our retreat:

1. You don’t see others as interesting, or you see yourself as no fun to be around, so you experience a decline of social outings.
A retreat will take you in a middle of a group, automatically renewing your decision by including you without hesitation.
2. You’ve experienced a loss, trauma, unsettling change. A retreat is to help you to heal and you will have
not only a group of healers around you, but you will become one.
3. You notice recklessness in your decisions or carelessness in your activities pattern.
In a retreat, your decisions will be supported when good for you.
4. You become apathetic, bored and not into your usual fun things.
You are ready for change. A retreat will do it.
5. Relationships are not fulfilling, demanding a lot of energy, or toxic for you.
In our retreat you will be facing your inner enemies and guided to shed the demons
that make your interaction with others run by faulty programs.
6. You often feel up and down in one day. In the morning  you feel sadness and hopelessness,
next you feel energetic and hopeful. One day you wake up irritated, even angry or fearful,
by the evening you are agreeable and accepting. You are ready for new insight. A retreat will give you plenty of it.
7. You search for a deeper understanding of yourself. Well... that’s the best reason to come for our retreat!
The best for us, because it’s all co-creative!
8. You want to find a community of those who would get you.
Nothing better than a group of people who witnessed your evolution.
You will have an instant family who watched you to grow up.
And if nothing you’ve tried in all your search for change, seems to have helped,
you are our best retreat participant, because you will really appreciate your new real chance!





Disclaimer: Yaga is not a physician / medical professional and none of her advice should ever be taken in place of medical / pharmaceutical advice on any physical or mental health matters.
The information provided is purely for educational purposes. Individuals must use their own discretion, judgment and commonsense at all times and should not break any local,
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