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When you experience any state listed below,
You need to come to our retreat, don't wait!

1. You don’t see others as interesting, or you see yourself as no fun to be around,
so you experience a decline of social outings. A retreat will take you in a middle
of a group, automatically renewing your decision by including you without hesitation.
2. You’ve experienced a loss, trauma, unsettling change. A retreat is to help you to heal
and you will have not only a group of healers around you, but you will become one.
3. You notice recklessness in your decisions or carelessness in your activities pattern.
In a retreat, your decisions will be supported when good for you.
4. You become apathetic, bored and not into your usual fun things.
You are ready for change. A retreat will do it.
5. Relationships are not fulfilling, demanding a lot of energy, or toxic for you.
In our retreat you will be facing your inner enemies and guided to shed the demons
that make your interaction with others run by faulty programs.
6. You often feel up and down in one day. In the morning  you feel sadness and hopelessness, next you feel energetic
and hopeful. One day you wake up irritated, even angry or fearful, by the evening you are agreeable and accepting.
You are ready for new insight. A retreat will give you plenty of it.
7. You search for a deeper understanding of yourself. Well... that’s the best reason to come for our retreat!
The best for us, because it’s all co-creative!
8. You want to find a community of those who would get you. Nothing better than a group of people who witnessed your evolution.
You will have an instant family who watched you to grow up.
And if nothing you’ve tried in all your search for change, seems to have helped, you are our best retreat participant,
because you will really appreciate your new real chance!



I consult wisdom seekers through Skype and phone. Prices below.
Please contact me, before you buy.

We have now two options for individual retreats in Costa Rica:
1. Individual retreats held in my home. All inclusive except the flight to LIR Liberia, Costa Rica.1 week.
2. Individual retreats held in my home. All inclusive except the flight to LIR Liberia, Costa Rica. 2 weeks.

Dates and prices for those retreats are flexible.
If you are thinking about it, please contact me for our options.



Yaga Bialski PhD, Retreat N' Rise Foundation
Canada: 705-494-7723, 226 780-1053, 416-220-1133

Costa Rica: 506-4702-0236, Cell: 506-8356-9194
A11 Villa del Delfin Azul, Vistas Del Pacifico
Playa Panama, Guanacaste 50503

Yaga Bialski

We have also one week couple's private retreats in Costa Rica. It is not a group retreat.
Focused on one couple only retreats are held in my home, all inclusive except the flight to LIR Liberia, Costa Rica.
A group retreat for parents. Oct. 17 - Oct 24, 2018. To register write me before you click the PayPal button.
 If you have a group of friends or relatives who would want to learn to be a better parent (who wouldn't!),
please write me and I will create a retreat for you. Min. 6 people, max. 12.

Retreat n Rise website




Private individual retreat

7 days individual retreat 2450.00

14 days individual retreat 5500.00

Private couple's retreat

7 days retreat, couple one room 3300.00

One hour individual session 160.00


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If you are in a position to sponsor a participant, or donate funds for a retreat, please do so!
You don't need more stuff!
You need to leave humanity in a better shape for your grandchildren!
We are now in another crucial time in human history.
Our collective mind is in urgent need for clarity
and hope that our individual minds can be run by the authentic timeless selves,
not the usual, corrupt collective ego.