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SPS Spiritual Positioning System©

Basic Questionnaire

1. If you experience a humiliation do you feel shame?

a) Long after
b) I work through it and eventually I get rid of it
c) I am able to free myself of feeling shame very quickly
d) I never feel shame

2. When you are blamed?

a) I feel guilty even when I am not to be blamed for the event
b) I feel guilty when I am the culprit
c) I never feel guilty regardless of my action

3. When I am guilty (skip the question if you never feel guilty)

a) I stop feeling guilty when I apologize and promise never do it again
b) I stop feeling guilty when I am forgiven by my victim
c) I feel guilty for a long time regardless if I am forgiven or not

4. Do you blame others even if you are feeling guilty?

a) Often
b) Rarely
c) Never

5. Did you ever experience a despair?

a) Often
b) Rarely
c) Never

6. Do you feel regrets?

a) Often
b) Rarely
c) Never

7. Do you experience an anxiety?

a) Often
b) Rarely
c) Never

8. Do you experience hate?

a) Often
b) Rarely
c) Never

9. Do you trust that you will be OK?

a) Yes
b) Most of the time
c) Rarely
d) Never

10. Do you trust that others are honest towards you?

a) Yes
b) Most of the time
c) Rarely
d) Never

11. Do you forgive others that hurt you intentionally?

a) Yes
b) Most of the time
c) Rarely
d) Never

12. Do you make an effort to understand others?

a) Yes, I make an effort
b) I rarely make an effort
c) Never, no point

13. Do you experience a sense of reverence?

a) Often
b) At times
c) Never

14. About serenity in my life:

a) It is my permanent state now
b) I experience it time to time
c) I am striving to experience it
d) I am not interested in serenity

15. Do you identify yourself more with:

a) Your community
b) Humanity in general

16. Do you identify yourself more with:

a) Your family
b) With the universe

17. Are you more:

a) A dreamer
b) Satisfied with what you have

18. Would you rather:

a) Give
b) Receive

19. Are wars in general motivated by:

a) Greed
b) Justice

20. If you never lived in sorrow:

a) You will never know the joy
b) You will live in joy

21. Is it more spiritual:

a) To live peacefully in a monastery
b) To live peacefully involved in society

22. Wisdom comes from:

a) Knowing the idea
b) Knowing through experience

23. Is the one who understands you:

a) Closer than a brother
b) Never closer than a brother

24. Love has:

a) Always hate in it
b) Never hate in it

25. When you say "I love you" do you love:

a) Self in the beloved
b) The beloved

26. The course of negative emotions is:

a) A disruption in the body's energy system
b) An activator of the body's energy system

27. Can you learn kindness from the unkind, tolerance from intolerant:

a) Yes
b) No

28. Love has to renew itself:

a) All the time
b) Never

29. Is the better knowledge that teaches you:

a) Truth to know
b) Skills to live

30. When you speak the truth is it better to be:

a) Mild and gentle
b) Direct and strong

31. To be born is:

a) Bravery
b) Cowardice

32. Beauty shines more in the:

a) Heart that longs for it
b) Eyes that see it

33. We are born to discover

a) Beauty and truth
b) Pleasure and social success

34. When the scholar evolves he becomes:

a) Wise man
b) Prophet

35. Are we ever punished by God?

a) Always when we do wrong by God
b) Only in mortal sins
c) Never, as God is infinitely good and forgiving
d) Never, as God is not an entity that would execute a judgment

36. Was an enlightenment ever a goal in your life?

a) Yes
b) I thought about it
c) No
d) I chose to live not longing for it

37. Do you think that?

a) We are on Earth to learn lessons through rebirths
b) Reincarnation is a myth

38. You are the:

a) Recipient of life
b) Creator of life

39. Do you think that love is:

a) Something you receive from others
b) Something that others show to you.

40. "I am god" sounds to you:

a) Untruthful
b) Scary
c) Authentic

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