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A new course by Yaga for everyone who intends to have or has children in their care.


In this course you will learn to see a huge difference in parenting between the knowledge of local conditioning and the timeless wisdom.

You will also learn the importance of applying this knowledge in order to become a good parent.

How to become a properly loving parent.
The most important job you will be held forever responsible for is parenting, and yet a preparation for
this essential life task is often reduced to Lamaze classes and buying baby cloths.
In this course you will learn how to prepare your mind to host a child in your body and in your life.
How to chose the name for the child. How to become a teacher of the outside world and student of the inner world of the child.
How to discipline child’s ego and how to support the freedom of the being that had chosen you to walk him to the adulthood.
How to strengthen the presence of the timeless, authentic self in the child and how to to minimize the ruling of the conditioned,
ego programing. How to support the gender identity without overstating it’s importance.
How to help with child’s choices without controlling. How to be a guide without brainwashing.
How to become properly a loving parent.
This course will be posted as a webinar with the tuition of  $20.00
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